Thursday, November 05, 2009

Snow Day!

It's been a billion years since I last wrote a blog...The guys were still playing ball for crying out loud.

(But for the record - that doesn't seem like all that long ago in my world. Where the heck did October go?!)

Anyways - good thing ball season's over, 'cause November has hit with a bang. Yes, that's right, a nice little dusting of snow today to remind us all that fall is officially over and we're swinging very quickly into the holiday season! YESSSSSSSSS!

But does anybody remember the early hit of snow we took last year? Makes today look like nothin'. It came on October 28th last year. And it was a good couple of inches. Complete ground cover. For most people in the area, it was a nightmare.

However for me - the kid who loves all things snowy and Christmassy - it rocked!

I love November. It's when the slow build of excitement leading up to December 25th begins. This is the time of year I start my Christmas shopping, start booking holiday parties, and start lining up the Christmas tunes and holiday movies for the weeks to come.

How quickly I've moved from Scream (yikes, had enough of that last weekend...) to Home Alone.

Oh, and there's another reason why I love November - this November in particular. A little movie coming out that I've been anxiously waiting for.

November 20th. Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theatres. I...can't...wait.

Ah, Edward. How I've missed thee.

So my vow for November is to try and get back into this Blogging thang, and I'm sure by the time I get to see New Moon, you will have all heard so much about it, you'll be wishing I'd disappear again!


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Sharon said...

We didn't get any snow here today in Ottawa... and now it seems to be pooring rain.

Glad to see a blog make an appearance! I have you on RSS feeds in my e-mail now so I get a notification when you right ; )