Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Got My Ticket...

It happens every year.

Late in the winter months and into the spring, concert announcements start popping up for the summer months. Everyone jumps to buy tickets, because every show and every attration is going to be the big one of the summer.

It seems like eons ago that my friends and I jumped at the chance to see Kenny Chesney in August at Scotiabank Place. For big country fans, this would be the "it" concert of the summer. So five of us sprung for the $100.00 tickets, and I know I, personally, thought, "Well, that will be my big expenditure of the summer."

Considered it treating myself. We all deserve a little treat now and then, right?

Then came the news that Emerson Drive was playing Centrepoint Theatre in late-May. Having seen Johnny Reid at Centrepoint earlier this year, I knew I loved the venue, and couldn't resist the lower prices. $30 to see one of my favourite country bands? And the opportunity to get up-close to smokin-hot lead singer Brad Mates, who was so polite and friendly with me in the beer tent at Shawville Fair a few years back? Well, sign me up.
But that! That would be it!! No more concerts for Jill in 2009!!

Well, I'll be damned if the AC/DC concert announcement didn't hit almost as soon as I made that vow. Miss AC/DC?? Are you serious?? NO WAY could I miss AC/DC!! Who knows if they'll ever be back in Ottawa. They're aging rock stars. And I missed the Stones when they came a few years ago, and swore I would never miss out on an event like that again.

$115.00 for my ticket for the August 10th show. I know, I know. We're starting to talk serious cash here. But I'll be able to say I was at AC/DC. That's worth the admission price on its own.

It was around this same time that Kristen called me at work one day to see if I wanted to go see "Chicago" at the NAC with her. She was getting balcony seats, and promised me I would love love love the musical. Oh hell, why not? Another $77.

While we were at "Chicago", I was so tempted by the posters everywhere for "Grease", which is oming up in late-July. I love "Grease". "Grease" was the first musical I fell in love with, and it will always be my favourite. "Grease" is the word. Kristen told me she'd be in for that one too if I wanted to get tickets.

No, I told her. No, I can't afford anything else this summer. I just can't do it.

A week later, I had four tickets to "Grease" ordered on my credit card. Same price as "Chicago".

Last week, Ottawa was buzzing due to Bluesfest. Lots - LOTS - of big names rolling through town, with likely the biggest name being KISS. I somehow managed to avoid it all, although every day I had to resist the temptation to check for tickets on a daily basis. Iron & Wine? OLP? Ben Harper? Joe Cocker? Blue Rodeo? Lynrd Skynrd? Sam Roberts? Steve Earle? I was salivating.

It's a miracle that I didn't succumb.

The other concert that's continually tempting me, but that I've managed to stop myself from checking on tickets for, is Kings of Leon, hitting town in September. I love Kings of Leon. But I'm trying to be strong here. I'm trying to prove that I can say no. I can keep my Mastercard in my wallet. I do have willpower.

I'll let you know as soon as I get my ticket...

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Sharon said...

Hey Jill!

Sounds like you have quite the line up this summer. So jealous about ACDC and Grease!!!

Your money spent is well worth the chance to see these!