Friday, July 24, 2009

'Grease' Doesn't Disappoint!

Okay, I don't have time to give an in-depth analysis of Grease, which I saw last night at the NAC, but let me just say this:
I love love love LOVED it!!
Everything was so energetic and colourful and fun! The costumes and the acting and the music - oh God, the music! It was just amazing!

Of course, I liken sitting in the balcony seats at the NAC to sitting in the third level for a hockey game at Scotiabank Place - you can see the players' numbers, but their faces are just a blur.

Even so - I fell in love with Eric Schneider, who played the role of the studly Danny Zuko. He was really channeling his inner John Travolta - he was awesome!! His Sandy, however, paled slightly in comparison. She was a little too "Disney Princess", as Brenda put it. All of the male performances were great - loved Doody on guitar, and Kenickie was really cool too, especially since we were a little disappointed at the start to learn it would be his understudy playing the role. Understudy-shmuderstudy! The dude was great! Rizzo was my favourite of all the girls - she had just the right amount of edge and attitude and played the part perfectly!
Did I mention the music?? The singing was wonderful, the dancing was stellar...Even Taylor Hicks wasn't so bad as "Teen Angel"!

Oh, and Dominic Fortuna, in the role of Vince Fontaine, was hilarious - he got the crowd hopping before the show started by singing some songs and involving the audience with some dancing and some teasing with a local flavour. ("Stittsville?? Where the hell is Stittsville??")

All in all? Grease was the best. I wish I was going back tonight to see it again!!!

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