Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Same Old Playoff Heartbreak

So, this year, in the playoffs, I actually had the opportunity to cheer for someone other than the Ottawa Senators.

Throwing my support behind Wade Redden and the New York Rangers, I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, Wade and I might shake the haunting Sens playoff runs of the past, which always ended up in inevitable hearbreak.

Not even making it to the Finals in '07 was good enough. Having rolled over all the teams we face in the East with such ease, it was a slap in the face to be so brutally out-muscled and out-played by the eventual Stanley Cup Champions, the Anaheim Ducks. And while that was certainly the proudest Spring we went through with the Sens, it was still not what we had all been hoping for.

With the Sens out of the playoff picture this year, I had hoped that perhaps, even though they wouldn't get a chance at glory, that maybe our ol' pal Redden might get a shot at it.

Last week, up 3-1 in the series over the Washington Capitals, it looked like the Rangers were on the brink of advancing and I'd have a little more time with my favourite player (even though I do STILL don't think he looks right in Ranger Blue...)

I shouldn't have got so excited. Or cocky. Because I should've known. I never get to be happy with hockey this time of year. It's just not in the stars for me. Even my "adopted" team chokes and dies.

While I wouldn't consider this the worst I've felt in late-April - not even close - it still made sad to see Washington score late in the third period in last night's thrilling Game 7, effectively ending the season for the Rangers. Even worse was that Wade was he last man back, the only one between Sergei Federov and the goalie, Henrik Lundqvist. Redden was in perfect position, and I don't believe he touched the puck with his stick - essentially, the goal was not his fault.

But why oh WHY does he always have to be the last man back on these horrible game- or series-ending goals?! It literally breaks my heart!!

So yeah...Another playoff season comes to an end for me. Who will with the Cup? I don't give a damn.

Hockey sucks.


Kathleen said...

I agree, hockey sucks. I hate it. I'm staying the HELL away from it until October. Stupid Habs.
It wasn't Wade's fault, it was a great shot by old man Fedorov and King Henrik (hot!) went down way too early ala Carey Price.

Jill said...

I really hope that by next October I have reason to feel excited about hockey again...This season was just so blahhhhh...
And thanks for saying that about Wade. I just wish everyone else saw it the same way.

Kathleen said...

everyone has a huge hate on for Wade for the last two seasons. I'd take him on the Habs anyday, ok not for 6 million, but for 4.5 hell yes. The guy was brilliant in Ottawa for years and was treated like dirt, kind of like Saku here. It makes no sense. And I'd personally even cheer Saku on in a Leafs jersey, that is how much I love the man.
Next year should be better for the ol' Turds, Leclaire is a good goalie and Clouston seems to have them playing a system. I hope for your sake Murray is out.