Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Mike, Baby, I Wish You Were Here!"

So, there hasn't been a whole lot about the Ottawa Senators this year that's had me interested. I've Blogged about all the reasons - pretty well wore the topic right out, in fact.

Now, it's official - we're definitely not making the playoffs. And despite some greatly-improved team chemistry and a fairly impressive record since Cory Clouston took over behind the bench, it's all too-little, too-late. The 2008-2009 Ottawa Senators are hopefully a horrid blip on what has otherwise been a pretty cool past decade for the fans and the organization.

That being said, there's always some fun stuff to chat about in the land of the Senators.

First of all - I'd like to say kudos to the lads over at TGOR for catching me pretty good last week with their on-air April Fools' gag. While getting ready for work, I heard them announce that plans were in the works for Alexei Yashin to return to the fold with a 5-game try-out to finish off the season, and if all went well, they'd sign a contract with him for next season. They reasoned that while the fans would be upset, he'd actually had a great season in the KHL and that he'd come at a decent price. I was so wound up over it - caught between wanting to laugh and scream at the ridiculousness of it all. They even had a soundclip from Bryan Murray justifying the decision, which I thought authenticated it.

Walked into Mom and Dad's for breakfast, broke the news to them, and my mother promptly grinned and said, "April Fools". D'uh. I couldn't believe I fell for it!

Another fun thing about the Sens this season? Well, when word leaked out that Mike Fisher was dating Carrie Underwood a few months ago, it was pretty much the talk of the town. Then, around trade deadline day, management brought Mike Comrie back to the line-up, with his "good little hockey girlfriend" Hilary Duff in tow. Imagine that. The Ottawa Senators, now boasting two Mikes with hot celebrity girlfriends. You'd swear it was the LA Kings or something!

Just the other night, at the Academy of Country Music Awards ceremony, Carrie Underwood was presented the Entertainer of the Year Award, and in her acceptance speech, our little Fish got his very own shout-out: "Mike, baby, I wish you were here!"

It's almost too much for this ol' Sens fan to take.

Well, "Mike Baby" was busy kickin' Hab butt last night, along with his good buddy Dany Heatley, who scored twice, only 38 seconds apart, in the third period, to clinch a 3-2 victory. It's always nice to beat Montreal, even if it means nothing to us. Truthfully, the Sens seem to be enjoying their role as spoiler now that they're out. They certainly aren't acting like they don't care, and that's nice to see. Looks like they're trying to lay a solid foundation for next season, and hopefully Murray won't mess with the team too much over the summer.

You know it's rough being a Sens fan when even the 3-year-olds are bailing ship. That's right... My nephew Caden, who has been a huge Sens fan and loyal supporter of Alfie since he was able to stand up and hold a hockey stick, has recently declared that he now cheers for "The Toronto Weafs". It's the fault of his Grandpa Provost, which doesn't make sense, as he's a Sens-slash-Habs fan, but apparently he thought it would be funny to switch the kid's allegiance and annoy his dad. I told Caden if he keeps this up, he's out of the family. To which he prompty replied, "No, Jilly, YOU'RE out of the family!!"

*sigh* I just can't win this year.


Anonymous said...

"its always good to beat Montreal."

thank you, quite flattered.

Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Great Blog!!! It's nice to see you still have it in you. I am glad to hear the SENS are doing better, and yes, hopefully it carries over into next season.

kenny said...

I think I might have to have a talk with Caden on Saturday

Jill said...

Any influence will help, Kenny. Although Chris told me he thinks me bugging him is only going to make him a BIGGER Leaf fan.

Anonymous said...

The Habs are the greatest team in the history of the world. the kid has good taste.

Kenny said...

so that comment by the annymous person almost makes sense. Good job buddy

Jill said...

Yeah, seriously. The kid is "cheering" for the Leafs, not the Habs...And there's just so much I could say about them being labelled "the greatest team in the history of the world"...yikes.