Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flyers Fever Hits Q-Town

There may actually be people in the world who don't realize it's ball season.

I don't think any of them live in Quyon, though.

The Quyon Flyers kicked off their 2009 fastball season with a flurry of activity over the past 4 days. First of all, on Saturday morning, they hosted a clinic for kids to give them some tips on the ball field. Kudos to the Flyers for running this event again this year. The town loves having fastball, and it's great to see the guys giving back to the community this way. I've heard several reports from some of the children involved, and they were all thrilled and excited, not only to learn more about how to play the game, but also just to be out on the field with the Flyers. Believe it or not, some of the kids even idolize the players! haha! But in all seriousness - it truly is a good day for the kids in town, and they - quite literally - had a ball.

Following the clinic, the Flyers then played some exhibition games. Word on the street is it was too cold & windy to be watching ball, so I'm glad I skipped them!

Monday night, the Flyers hit the road for their first game of the season, in Greely against the DNTW Eagles, where they walked away with a huge 10-1 mercy win. They were looking to continue their early-season momentum by playing a second consecutive evening, with their first home game in Q-Town last night. A nice crowd turned out to see the Flyers take on WC Electric...Or maybe the fans were gathered just to find out who would win the "Basket of Awesome" that players have been selling tickets on all spring! The fact that the team offers up a 2-for-$5 offer on beer doesn't hurt attendance either...Beer sales seemed to be brisk last night.

No matter what the reason for showing up, the Flyers' faithful went home happy after the game. The home team had another decisive victory, a 7-0 mercy win over the squad from Fitzroy, with Drew Hathway throwing a great game. The Flyers had a good night at the plate also, as Joe McCleary, Steve McCord, Hathway, Nick Armitage, and my own baby brother Lukey all went 2-for-3 at bat.

And then, once everyone was huddled under the beer shelter after the game, they finally drew the name of the winner of that tempting Basket of Booze. The winner, who was actually there to see his name drawn, was Jason Campbell.

I was severely disappointed, as I had chatted up the Texas mickey of Crown Royal, and I was certain it wanted to come home with me. However, Jason kindly tossed one of his bottles of Jagermeister back into the mix, having the team draw another winner for it, with the stipulation being that the person must be there to claim their bottle. After drawing many names of people who weren't there, they finally pulled one of the tickets that Brenda, Hollie, Vicky and I had purchased at the last minute - so the BJHV girls will be enjoying some Jagerbombs in the near future!


Anonymous said...

cograts on the booze Jilly!!
Don't overdo it!!
Will I see you at Karate tonight?? Hope so.

igotfuckedbymyinsuranceagent said...

ohhhh this post reminds me that softball is starting soon. this is good.