Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So It Comes Down to This...

Last night on Canadian Idol, our final 2 performers took to the stage in one last effort to impress the voting public and stake their claim on the "Canadian Idol" crown.

Doesn't seem so long ago that I sat down to watch that very first audition episode, several months back.

So much has changed and evolved since then. That night, I was ready to throw the Pigott brothers up there as the final 2 - hands down, no questions asked. Even still, I can honestly say they were the biggest highlight of this season for me, and I'm so thankful to have discovered them.

But back then, in the audition process, I can actually recall both Mitch McDonald and Theo Tams.

Mitch struck me as looking like a nerd, but had this different voice that sort of stopped you and made you think, "Wow...He's really good."

And Theo - well, Theo was "The Sweaty Guy". I laughed when he made reference to that last night - I'd almost forgotten. When he walked in to audition, his perspiring pits were about all you could think of. That is, until he started to sing. And then, you had to stop and say, "Wow...That dude is really good."

Months later, they are the last guys standing. The Guitar Man and The Piano Man.

It will be interesting to see which one of them wins this thing. In my mind, the title is Theo's, without a doubt. He's been so consistently strong throughout the whole competition, and has had some of the most memorable performances of the season - if not any season. (Stand-outs for me have been: "Bubbly", "Weak in the Knees", "Collide", "Chariot", "Heaven", and my favourite from last night's show, "Good Mother"). The judges have said it, and I have to agree - Theo is probably the best male vocalist they've ever had on the show. He's been a pleasure to watch, night after night, and I'll be the first to stand and applaud him when Ben announces him as the winner tomorrow night.

That's not to say Mitch McDonald is done for. As I've mentioned several times, he's got a huge fanbase out there, and he's a Maritime boy, so he also has that whole voting contingent which seem more passionate about their Idol than any other part of the country. Mitch has a unique tone, and he's remained true to his Indie roots throughout the competition, sticking to more obscure, quirky song choices which he clearly loves to perform. I still think Mitch winning would be an upset, but everyone loves an underdog, right?

So the masterminds of Canadian Idol have decided to shake things up this year, and instead of showing the results tonight, as they have every other week, they're going to make us wait until Wednesday for the 2-hour finale.

I can already guarantee that no amount of John Legend, Hedley, Mariah Carey, or Brian Melo (all slated to take the stage in the star-studded affair) will overshadow the main reason I'll be watching...

Sebastian will be back!!!

I was already giddy just spotting him in the crowd last night, along with the other booted Top 10 finalists. (This shot, from http://www.idol.ctv.ca/ shows my other fave, Mookie, clowning around with Seb).

Can't wait to see how this thing goes down...Look for a full report on Thursday!


Anonymous said...

so who won? or is it tonight - sorry i scimmed through your writeup yesterday but i forget off hand. Good luck at ball tonight.


Jill said...

Tonight's the big shoe...Gonna have to stay up half the night to watch it though - I'll tape it, but I won't get home from ball til 10:30 - 11:00, and I know I won't be able to sleep until I know who wins, so I guess I'll have to watch it when I get home!!

Anonymous said...

oh - you play the late game? Oh well - at least you get to sleep in sorta, by the time your up, I've already dropped Maddy off at daycare and coming into work! LOL...i fell asleep again just at the ending of 90210 so I couldnt stay up till 11...especially for a show!


Jill said...

Yeah, we play late again...bah.
Who knows, I might not make it through Idol, we'll have to see!!