Friday, September 26, 2008

Early Observations from Survivor: Gabon

Hey guys!

As you arrive to read the Blog today, you'll notice a few little changes. I jazzed things up a little yesterday by adding a poll - look for a new one every couple of days. And I finally figured out how to add a list of links! More changes could be coming soon, so try to contain your excitement... ;)

Now, on to Survivor. Last night kicked off the season of Gabon. No idea where that is, but sure, let's give 'er! Here's my early impressions:

- I missed the first half hour because of Karate, and tuned in just in time to see the first girl get eliminated. I didn't get to see much of her, but as far as I could tell, it was a good riddance situation. What a skinny raging bitch! She was pissed 'cause she wasn't on the "good-looking tribe" (if I were her tribemates Dan & Matty - pretty good-looking dudes - I'd be insulted), and called her tribemates losers. Atta be the cancer of the group right off the bat, chickie!

- The two tribes are called Kota and Fang. But Fang is pronounced "Fong". Hmm. Kota's really awesome and have won everything so far. Fang sucks. Big time.

- I was excited when I heard one of the competitors was named "Jillian". Turns out, it's with a "G", and she's a 60-year-old nurse who wouldn't even help one of her tribe members when he cut his head, claiming it was too dark to see the wound. Her tribed quickly deduced she was dead weight, and she would have been voted off first, except for crankypants skin-n-bones. Gillian made it through the first Tribal Council, but she wasn't so lucky the second go-round.

- I kept seeing this hot guy in the promo commercials, but it took me awhile to pick him out last night. When I finally did, my first impressions were correct. Marcus is hot. Colby-esque in his hotness. And smart. He's a doctor. Mmmmmm...!! The weird part? He instantly made friends with Charlie the gay lawyer, who has a secret crush on him. It kinda threw me off, and I was afraid my "HOT SURVIVOR GUY" was actually gay. Lindsay confirmed for me this morning that I didn't miss anything in the early part of the show - Marcus is definitely not gay. Phew!!

- Anyone else sick of the great leader debate that seems to take place with at least one of the tribes every year? GC automatically lost points in my book for first offering to be the leader of his disfunctional tribe, then stepping down from his post a day later. What a coward.

- I hate Randy, the guy who cut his head and had to get the medical team in on, like, the first day. He's an ass. And he made comments about Gillian-with-a-"G" being so old ... Um, check a mirror, buddy, you're not exactly a spring chicken yourself!!

- The only good part about the Fang tribe, as far as I can tell, is Matty. He's the closest thing to hot after Marcus. He keeps his mouth shut, gives it his all in the challenges, and never gets involved in the constant squabbling. I hope he can last through these early days of turmoil on his tribe, because if he could get over there in the Marcus-Charlie alliance, they could become a powerhouse.

- I initially thought Dan was hot too, and he is, except he's also a bit "duh", which takes away from his attractiveness. His lawyer-speak is annoying, and he couldn't even find the hidden immunity idol when he was sent to Exile, wasting his time by over-analyzing the clue. Bone head.

- One of the girls on Kota mentioned how they seemed to have all the smart guys. She would appear to be correct. Bob the physics teacher looks like a geek but is so strong in the mental challenges, like puzzles and untying knots - major asset. Charlie's a lawyer and Marcus is a doctor. Lots of school years between the two of them, I'm thinking. And even Ace, who would appear to be the flaky male who leads his team in yoga exercises in their underwear, seems to be extremely intelligent and fits in well with his group. This tribe is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

- As usual, I have a hard time catching on to names after the first night, and even I find it funny that I can name all the guys, but not one girl, except Gillian-with-a-"G". Gosh, I love boys.

- Did I mention how hot Marcus is?

OK, I think that's enough for Episode 1...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I don't know who I have in my Survivor Pool yet as the guy that does it, did not send them out on time - but it better not be Michelle or Gillian for that matter...i won last season with Pavarti. Anyways, i agree with you about Michelle, my first thought was hmmm she is skin and bones now, what will she look like in 30 days...interesting...
Charlie cracks me up - when he said that Marcus was attractive and then Marcus was like too bad i dont "roll that way"...haha! We had a laugh about that. Poor Ken? - the young chinese guy on the horrible team - him and Michelle were clicking and he claimed that this could be the beginning of a romance, on Day one - well I guess not now seeing how shes gone. i liked her exit, usually they say something, she just walked away. Hopefully there will be drama. I missed the beginning too - i was putting Maddy to bed, but Ricky said that a couple of the guys came in wearing suits - like why?? Isnt what they wear there, the only clothes they have? I think it's a bad location this time around - I dont really think i would feel safe when they keep showing hippos and crocs in the water - and those elephants and wild cows or whatever....blech!
anyways should be a good season - Amazing Race starts Sunday night - I have Terrence and Sarah - a dating couple.
Ohh...did you happen to watch ER lastnight, I watched a bit of it at 7:00 - wasnt sure if it was new but saw on Facebook that someone put ER and Grey's was soooo sad...and ER was sad - dont know if Pratt ended up dying but it didnt look good!
Anyways thats the scoop!


priscilla said...

I thought too that Marcus was gay. They showed Charlie talking about his crush on Marcus, and then they showed Marcus talking about Charlie. He said he thought Charlie was a good looking guy and he was flattered or something that Charlie had a crush on him. I thought for sure he's gay too, but then he said something like I don't roll like that. I'm straight. It's almost like he likes being crushed on by another guy. They should do a Survivor with hockey players with Wade for you Jill and Mike for Stacy and I. That would be hot.

Jill said...

I missed all the talk between Marcus and Charlie about the crush thing, so I'm glad Marcus cleared up that he doesn't "roll that way"! lol! Still a weird alliance, especially him knowing that Charlie has a crush on him...
I noticed that some of the guys were in suits (Dan had a purple shirt & tie combo going...nice...), and a few girls were in dresses. And that skinny girl seemed to run around in her panties and bra the whole time, THEN complained it was cold!! Like seriously - it's SURVIVOR, people! Wear outdoorsy clothes, not what you'd wear to a wedding!!

Didn't watch ER, and I only got 1 hour into Grey's - I'll have to watch the end tonight, but I love, LOVE that show...

Sharon said...

OOOO good I am excited that the Race is back. I was worried after they had that weird show on last season that it wouldn't come back! I am going to really have to schedule sundays with Heartland and Amazing Race! I love Fall TV.

As for Survivor, I watched up until about 9:15, then it was bedtime for me. I liked Michelle, she was a strong player right off the bat. 3rd in the race through the hills proving that she was a stong competitor. She didn't like her tribe because they were annoying and I agree, most of them area. Gillian and Bandage Head take the cake. I don't blame her for not chatting with them.

Oh well. I guess we'll see what happens next week. I am glad to hear that Gillian got the boot though. It was so dumb that she couldn't check that guys head out and she didn't even get involved when the medics were there... like you're a nurse, help your team mate out for goodness sake!

Jill said...

Sharon! Your BACK!! I thought the Blog had lost you! :)

Agree with your assessment on Gillian - she showed no compassion to Randy when he cut his head. And even though he annoys the hell out of me, I still think if he was my tribemate & I was a nurse - or even if I WASN'T - I'd at least try to help in that situation. She just kinda seemed to turn her nose up and say, "Bully for you, chum, I ain't helping". (In fact, I can almost hear her saying that in her little British

Didn't see enough of Michelle to give her a fair assessment, all I know is she rocked the boat too soon and I'm not sad she's gone. If for no other reason than I don't have to watch her prancing around in her brassiere & underpants anymore.

Sharon said...

I think that they caught them off guard or maybe told them to dress up because they were all wearing "dressy" clothes.

And I am always around the blogsphere, I just don't always have time to comment.

And where were our cheerleaders for the ball game Wednesday?!?!?!

Bouffe said...

Seems like you and I watch the same shows... *L*

I loved Survivor this week - funny enough, I had been bored the last few seasons, with some exceptions, and never thought I'd miss Survivor. Not only is the location refreshing, the guys this year are REALLY hot!!! Marcus, Charlie, Dan... And some will get better looking with a little bit of dirt and scruff on them. *L*

ER - I don't know sometimes why I still love that show... But I do! This week's was sad... But good all the same.

Jill said...

Can't wait to see Survivor tonight!! Looking forward to it!

I drifted away from ER after George Clooney left the show - I hear John Stamos is now on it though? Perhaps I should consider tuning in again...