Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun with iTunes!

I've really enjoyed watching my iTunes grow over the past month-and-a-half...At this current moment, I have over a thousand songs downloaded and on my iPod. According to my iTunes, that's 2.7 days worth of music. Everything from rock, country, alternative, blues, rockabilly, hip-hop, rap, folk, live versions, acoustic versions, covers...You name it, chances are I might have it.

So, thanks to an idea I got from another blog (, I'm going to play a little game. For those of you who also have iTunes, feel free to play along and post your own answers in the comments section of the blog!

Open your iTunes
Sort by song title
Share the first song you have for each letter

A - Absolutely Anytime - The Watchmen
B - Baba O'Reilly - The Who
C - California Love - Tupac ft. Dr. Dre
D - Dance Naked - John Mellancamp
E - Emotional Girl - Terri Clark
F - Factory Girl - The Higgins
G - Geek in the Pink - Jason Mraz
H - Half Your Age - Kid Rock
I - I'll Be - Edwin McCain
J - Jack & Diane - John Mellancamp
K - Karma Police - Radiohead
L - Ladies & Gentlemen - Saliva
M - Made of Steel - Our Lady Peace
N - Name - Goo Goo Dolls
O - Oh Boy - Buddy Holly
P - Paralyzer - Finger 11
Q - Quit Playing Games - The Backstreet Boys
R - R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. - John Mellancamp
S - Santa Monica - Everclear
T - Take a Bow - Rihanna
U - Umbrella - Boyce Avenue (cover)
V - Viva la Vida - Coldplay
W - Waitin' on a Woman - Brad Paisley
X -
Y - Yellow Brick Road - Raine Maida
Z - Zombie - The Cranberries

1 - 1 2 3 4 - Feist
2 -
3 - 38 Years Old - The Tragically Hip
4 - 4AM - Our Lady Peace
5 -
6 - 6th Avenue Heartache - The Wallflowers
7 -
8 - 8 Days a Week - The Beatles
9 -

As an addition to the game, here are some observations I made while compiling my list...

Song I Was Most Embarassed to Write Down: The Backstreet Boys' "Quit Playing Games"
My Favourite Song on the List: "38 Years Old" by the Hip
Song My Parents Would be Most Likely to Listen To: "Oh Boy" by Buddy Holly

Also...It would appear that John Mellancamp is a heavy favourite, making it on the list three times...??? Not quite sure how that happened, but I do love all three of those songs!

Well that was fun...Thanks for letting me play! :)


Bouffe said...

Mellencamp was on my list, too. :) Jack and Diane is a CLASSIC!

Most embarrassing song I had to write down for me was... Oh yeah, the two ABBA songs! *L* Oh well, I love cheesy songs, only because they always manage to make me smile. So it's all good!

My favorite amongst those I wrote... Hum... That's hard... Keep Me Close, Absent Element (old Chris Daughtry band) and 3 AM by Matchbox 20. Love those two!

Anonymous said...

After listening to some of your tunes on Saturday Jill, I want another cd made but I don't think I can make a full one cuz I want the Hallelujah song (i dont even mind the version you have) and that Hailey song was good....
i like pink houses (but Jackht version is possible...haha) - yea I would have a hard time, but I would be willing to let you make a cd with those three and whatever else you think i would can throw some Higgins on there...

Stacy - just kidding really, you dont have to make me another cd!

Jill said...

I hear you on the "cheesy" songs, Bouffe! I love 'em too, and while not many of them showed up on that list, I have PLENTY in my!!

Stacy: I was actually going to ask if you wanted me to burn you a CD tonight...Because I was able to download the Kate Voegele version of Hallelujah that you like today!! (from OTH) Anyways, you can try thinking up some other songs and we'll get you another CD made. lol