Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Loves on Love Day

Everyone knows this is not exactly my favourite day of the year.  But, as I read somewhere this morning:  "Why be depressed if you're single on Valentine's Day?  You're single every other day of the year, too."  Ha. 

But, in an effort to NOT be a total Debbie Downer today, I have decided to compile a list of things I'm LOVING right now!  Coincidentally, it's What I'm Loving Wednesday.  How convenient.

I'm loving that I'm finally catching on to this crocheting thing!  Hey, if I'm going to be an old maid, might as well act the part, right?  My first few attempts were just little squares to practice the stitches, and then I attempted to make a beanie until my "practice ball of yarn" ran out.  I tore it out and practiced making a granny square for a while.  Then, last week, I bought a bunch of yarn and have been working on a giant granny square throw.  So far, it's coming along quite nicely, and I'm starting to enjoy the process rather than feel deep frustration over it.  Whoda thunk.

I'm LOVING the Olympics!  So much!!  Canada has gotten off to a great start - I believe their best start ever at the Games - and I'm just SO enjoying watching our athletes compete in sports we normally don't get to see much of.  I loved watching John Morris & Kaitlyn Lawes in the Mixed Doubles Curling (not only because John is hot); I got such a thrill watching the Slopestyle Snowboarding events; the Team Figure Skating competitions were also fun to watch; and of course, one of the best moments thus far was watching Mikael Kingsbury officially become the King of the Moguls.  Can't wait for all that's still to come!

I love that I'm on a bit of a roll with reading.  I seem to go through phases when it comes to books; sometimes I struggle, sometimes I sail through them.  Right now, I'm sailing.  I finished all of the "half-finished" books that were on my night stand, then I blew through They Called Me Number One by Bev Sellars (our next book club book), and last night I started the book club book that's coming AFTER that one, The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld.  Last year, I seemed to get caught not able to finish books in time for book club, so I'm making sure I'm well ahead of the game this year!  It's the time of year when I have more time to read, so might as well take advantage of it.

Loving some fun plans that are taking shape for this coming weekend!  Hibernation mode means that I haven't strayed too far since Christmas.  I mean, I go to curling, and to church, and I've had a few little outings to Walmart and for groceries and to snowshoe... but for the most part, I've just been at home in my cozy little hole.  I love that, but I also miss seeing people and doing things, so I'm glad this weekend has some fun in store!

I'm loving that Lent starts today, and I've actually got a couple of Lenten promises that I've made this year!  First off, I'm giving up chips.  (This includes nacho chips, Doritos and Cheesies.  Does not include pretzels and regular popcorn.)  Chips are one of my very big weaknesses, and no matter how many times I say I'm going to eat healthy, the chips get in my way.  Can't stop eating them.  But when it comes to Lent, I seem to able to have more control of myself.  So I'm saying "See Ya" to chips for 40 days.  I have also decided to do the closet-cleaning Lent challenge.  Cleaning out my closet was the winter job I was dreading the most, but I think it will be more manageable if I do it this way.  Every day, I will remove something from my closet or drawers that doesn't fit/I never wear and put it in a garbage bag.  At the end of Lent, I should have a bag full of 40 items of clothing to donate to the Family Centre, and my closet should be in much better shape.  Win-win.  And of course, I will be putting some coins in the Lenten coin boxes handed out at church each day, to raise money for  Missions & Services for our church, as I always do.

And last but certainly not least, I'm loving that there's a new little one in my life!  There's been a baby boom in my group of friends in recent months, so I've been getting lots of baby snuggles in.  This past weekend, little Lainey joined the club!  Since she's just across the road from the office, it makes it reallllly easy (and tempting) to sneak over for a snuggle. ;)  Love her to bits!! xo

Happy Love Day, ya love bugs. 


Stacy said...

I love you!
I love that you are a part of my kids and family lives.
I love that you planned a dinner this weekend cuz we need it.
I love that you take on new challenges all the time.
I love that you will be a part of my wedding by capturing the moments.

There is your love for today!!

Rev. Nancy Best said...

I love Stacy's answers and the picture of Lainey. I love that you have mission & service boxes, I miss that. I love that we are both doing the leneten closet challenge. I love that I will be officiating Stacy and Ricky's wedding, and that you will be the photographer. That was a nice surprise today. Good for you for learning to crochet!

Mrs. Match said...

What's this closet cleaning for Lent? Sounds awesome. I've been wanting to build better closet organization in our master closet. We have a tiny closet and it's tough fitting everything. I recently donated a bunch but I know there's more I can get rid of. Good luck with giving up chips. They are my weakness too! I'm on a low calorie kick, and what I do is count out a total number, then put the bag away. It definitely helps!

Nicole said...

Okay, so I only know how to knit, but I need someone who can crochet :). I wish you lived closer, I'd have you make me crocheted dish cleaners. They're awesome and the lady who I got my last ones from no longer makes them. Grrr.... why can't you be closer to your new found fun. Oh, and to be an old maid... where are the cats? ;) haha.