Friday, October 27, 2017

A Halloweenie Weekend on Tap

I'm a little bit sad that it's already the last weekend of October.  I LOVE October, and it just seems to have flown by way too fast this year.

But here we are.  And the last weekend of October is always the best weekend of October.  I'm ready to enjoy it!!

First up, I have to do a little work.  That means, cutting grass as soon as I get home from work today, for what SHOULD be the last time this year.  In fact, my grass isn't all that long right at the moment, but I"m afraid if I don't do it now, it'll be long and shaggy and in desperate need of a cut as soon as the snow melts.  I usually like to deny that grass cutting time is here for a few weeks once spring has sprung, so the shorter it is now, the better.

Once the grass is cut, I'm off to Shawville to grab some groceries and some last-minute odds and ends I need to complete my treat bags for the kiddies!  Also, as per usual, I haven't given much thought to a costume, and I'm doing my usual scramble to try and cobble something together.  We'll see if the stores up there have anything to offer.

Once those Friday chores are complete, it's time for the FUN stuff!  My hope is to get my pumpkin carved and treat bags assembled tonight and tomorrow morning.  Of course, I plan to do so while watching something spooooky on TV.  I'm very tempted to binge Season 2 of Stranger Things, it should be creepy enough!  But I could also hit the DVD shelf and go to some of my favourite Halloween movies... it's tradition for me to watch "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" - old Disney version - and I'm also feeling drawn to both Scream and The Amityville Horror (Ryan Reynolds edition, hells yeah) this year.  So who knows.  Regardless, there will be something spooky on tonight!

You know what else I need to do at some point over the next few days?  I have not made ONE pumpkiny thing yet this year.  And I came across an old Facebook post where I bragged about "the best pumpkin bread" recipe ever.  I need to dig that out and get my bake on!!

And then, on Saturday, it's Scary Movie Marathon time.  One of my favourite days of the year!!  This year, Lindsay and I have decided to watch Saw (her choice) and Urban Legend (my choice), as well as Hotel Transylvania for Sammy.  I love the fact that we can incorporate Sam into our tradition now, as he loves watching movies!  I'm very much looking forward to the pizza and snacks and candy!!  Not so much looking forward to Saw... eep!!  I usually try to control movie choices and ensure they are ones I've seen before.  This is one I have always avoided, and I'm terrified to watch it.  Might have to sleep with the lights on for a few nights...

So October might have whistled by at lightening speed, but I'm going to make the last weekend count!  Hope you all enjoy a "spooktacular" weekend too! :)

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