Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday (Hint: It's the Sens)

Happy Wednesday pals!  I'm a bit of a groggy mess this morning, BUT... also smiling ear from ear.  Read on to find out why...

I'm LOVING that the Ottawa Senators will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals after beating the NY Rangers 4-2 in Game 6 last night.  Seriously, guys.  This team can be so extremely frustrating, and yet, they have also brought me the greatest joy over the past month. I love them all SO much!!  It was an intense game last night, and it wasn't until JG Pageau scored into the empty net with 7 seconds left that I felt like I could breathe again.  So proud, so excited... #ALLIN

I love that I've discovered fellow blogger Brian5or6.  Well, I haven't really "discovered" him, I've followed him on Twitter for a couple of years, but it's only in recent months that he's started blogging, and his posts literally crack me up.  He's a Sens fan... umm... with a twist, shall we say.  He makes up fake stories about the Sens, seems to have forgotten that Erik Condra is no longer with the team, and isn't afraid to drop the odd F-bomb or fart joke.  What more could a Sens fan want?  His posts are guaranteed to make me snort with laughter at least once a day.  Love it.

I'm loving the city's reaction to the team's big win last night.  First, video footage circulated of Sens fans celebrating in true Canadian fashion... Spilling out onto Elgin Street to jump around and cheer on red lights, that politely returning to the sidewalks on green lights to let the traffic pass peacefully. LOL!!  Then hundreds of fans turned up at the airport int he middle of the night to welcome the team back home.  Yes, indeed, it was a fun night to be a Sens fan. :)

I just love this team in general.  So much.  I love our captain Erik Karlsson.  I didn't think we'd ever have another player who even came close to Alfie status, but he's there.  He's Aflie-esque.  Even his goal celebration last night was drawing comparisons to our Almighty Alfie, as he threw his arms straight in the air and stood there reigning over all.  How many times did we see Alfie do that over the years?  It was magnificent.  Mark Stone got his groove back late in the series, and made an impact, thank the Lord, because he's probably my fave player (aside from EK65).  Kyle Turris was rolling this series too, and how could you not get misty eyed after hearing the story of him scoring the OT winner in Game 5, then quickly making his way to the Capital City Condors year-end banquet?  (They are a local special-needs hockey team that he champions).  This team gives me all the feels.  I'm so proud.

OK... moving on from hockey for a moment!  I love my small town.  I intend on writing a more in-depth post on this, but for now, here it is:  This past weekend, our community once again gave me reason to be ever so proud to live here.  Our area has been hit by the worst flooding anyone can ever remember, which has resulted in homes being evacuated, roads being closes, and the military being brought in to help during this state of emergency.  People in our town banded together to help one another, by building a huge burm on the Ferry road to curb the water from continuing into the rest of the town, by gathering to sandbag to try and save as many homes as possible, and by making and serving food to the hard-working volunteers.  In times of crisis, there is no place I'd rather be.

I love that my friend Stacy loaned me her Android box to test out to see if it worked/if I liked it before investing in my own.  I was so sad when Netflix ran out of Wentworth episodes, and then Stace was like, "You need an Android box, you could be watching it each week as the episodes air."  I had been hesitating on getting a box because I didn't think my Internet speed was fast enough to make it work.  Turns out... it IS!  I found an Android box on Amazon yesterday for $65ish and went ahead and ordered it.  Can't wait to be able to watch whatever I want, whenever I want! ;)

And I LOVE that our trip to TO is finally almost upon us!!  My mom, my sister and her famjam, and I are heading to Toronto to a Blue Jays game, and who knows what other fun things we'll encounter while in the Big Smoke.  I admit, I'm a little nervous that the Sens will be playing hockey and I'll be missing some of it, but hopefully we can figure something out so that we can watch it if they happen to be playing.  Never thought of playoff hockey when we booked baseball tickets in May! LOL

Well, I think that's it for today... Happy Wednesday, gang!! :)

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Rev. Nancy Best said...

Thanks for posting the video. It made my eyes tear up, I am so proud of our Sens. I'd go to the new Aquarium in TO. Its gorgeous, with hands on stuff for the kids. Have a blast. Love to the fam jam.