Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The men in my life these days...

I feel like it's been a long time since I've had a juvenile, I'm-still-a-teenaged-girl post.  But let's face it, I am still very much a juvenile, teenaged girl at heart.  And lately, I've been in a bit of a funk, so this post is going to be silly and ridiculous and I don't even care, because when I'm silly & ridiculous, that's when I'm happiest.

Today, I'm going to shine a spotlight on the current men in my life.

No, they are not real men.  Perpetually single, remember?  I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that that's never going to happen for me.  So TV characters and athletes and actors and musicians, it will have to be!

Here we go...

Mark Stone


As you might be able to tell from my ode to the Ottawa Senators yesterday, I'm still not over them.  Not ready for the summer to start.  Not ready for hockey to be done.  I kind of had a massive crush on the whole frigging team, to be quite honest, but none get my heart twitterpating quite as much as my Marky... Mark Stone.  My imaginary relationship with Mark is wrong on so many levels, but none more so than the fact that we have a a bit of an age difference going on.  I'm 33, he's 25.  I'm old enough to have been his babysitter.   Whatever.  Someone tweeted during the playoffs that Mark Stone looks like a friendly garbage man, and I'd have to agree with that assessment.  He isn't conventionally hot, but somehow, he does it for me.  BIG time.  I prefer Mark with his hair slicked and not so poofy, but really, I'll take him any which way.  I can't wait for next season so that I can see him on the regular again.

Michael Scoffield

 I was telling my friend Lindsay this morning how sad I was that the re-boot of Prison Break ended last night, because I am so in love with Michael Scoffield.  And she said, "Gay, Jillian.  Remember.  He's gay."  Nope.  WENTWORTH MILLER is gay.  Michael Scoffield, my friends, is very straight.  Truthfully, I didn't enjoy this season of PB as much as I'd hoped, and I really only started getting into it the last few episodes, as Michael and Sarah were reunited and he began fighting for his family.  I wanted more Michael and Sarah time.  They are one of my favourite TV couples of all time.  I'm seriously considering starting back at square 1 with Season 1, just because I need more time with Michael.

Ed Sheeran

I'm so in love with Ed's latest album, Divide, and so very stoked to be going to Montreal in mid-July to see him in concert!!!  Again, the dude isn't conventional hot, but there's just something so adorable about him... I can't resist.  He reminds me of a red-headed teddy bear.  Of course, his music - his voice, his talent - add to the magic.  When Ed performs on his own, creating all the elements at the start of the song and using foot pedals and a loop machine to make the song complete on his own, well... it gives me goosebumps.  He's incredible.

Josh Donaldson

Or "Sexy Josh", as I like to call him.  Oooh, how I adore a good lookin' man who can pull off wearing ball pants.  I was disappointed that Josh has been out injured for most of the start of the Blue Jays season, and he wasn't in the lineup when we were in TO a few weekends ago for the Jays game.  (They more than made up for it with a huge win and lots of exciting moments that day, though.)  Still, it brought me great joy to hear this week that Sexy Josh has returned, and last night he homered into the 5th deck - incredible.  The Bringer of Rain is back, baby!!!!

Colt Prattes

Count me among the legions of Dirty Dancing fans who felt the TV re-make that aired last week was a complete disaster.  I could write a whole blog post on how bad it was.  But the one highlight for me was Colt Prattes, playing the role of Johnny Castle.  Don't get me wrong, he's no Patrick Swayze - but really, who could fill those shoes?  All I can say is I thought he was a good dancer, and any scene where he took his shirt off was A-1 in my book.  It could also be that I somewhat identified with Baby in this re-make, in that she was a little on the rounder, chubbier side, and still managed to win Johnny's heart.  That's really kind of a fantasy for a girl like me: that someday the hot guy is going to fall for me, even though I'm far from a pretty, skinny chick.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Will Jackson

As you may know, I've been quite wrapped up in the show Wentworth on Netflix.  It's an Australian show about a women's prison.  So, yeah...not much eye candy to work with there.  BUT - there is prison guard Will Jackson, played by Robbie Magasiva.  And I quite enjoy Will Jackson.  In the earlier seasons, there was incredible chemistry between him and inmate Bea Smith, and I had always hoped the two of them could somehow make it work.  Ridiculous, I know.  But didn't I warn you right off the top that this post was going to be silly & ridiculous?

Chris Stapleton

OK, I admit it, Chris Stapleton's appearance doesn't really do anything for me.  The big beard alone is a turn-off.  But the voice... OH, the voice!!! It doesn't get much sexier than that voice, I tell you. I downloaded his latest album, From A Room: Volume 1, last weekend, and I literally cannot.stop.listening.  I could listen to him sing all day long.  I've had "Broken Halos" pretty much on repeat. An amazing voice and the ability to play guitar can go a long way in my books...

Jimmy Fallon

Last, but certainly not least.  Jimmy has been my main man for several years now, and nothing has changed in that department.  I'm very thankful that my #1 man crush is a late-night host who is on almost every day... gives me lots of opportunity to spend time with him. ;)

So. There's my boys du jour.  Forgive me for just wanting to post pictures of the lads that make me happy. ;)


Rev. Nancy Best said...

Fun post, Jillian, thanks.

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