Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What's Up

Hey there, pals!  I know...another lengthy bloggy break...didn't mean to! Let me go random today, I'll catch you up on what's up with me these days.

  • I feel like I've been in procrastination mode, BIG time, lately.  Things that used to come easily to me, for some reason I now keep putting them off... Like blog posts.  Exercising and eating healthy.  Taking photos for my Project 365 and keeping that album up to date.  Updating the photo frames in my home.  I got the pics printed off like a month ago, and they're all just sitting there on my dining room table, waiting to be framed, but...no motivation to do so.  
  • I guess you'd call it being in a rut.  I've been feeling extra hermitty.  All I want to do is watch TV and read.  All other jobs when I'm home seem to be getting back-burnered.
  • You know what?  Let's blame it on the Gilmore Girls.  Because, quite frankly, I've been obsessed.  After struggling through the first two seasons, I got totally wrapped up in it by Season 3, and literally got obsessed.  When I was home, all I wanted to do was watch it.  Everything else fell by the wayside.  The good news (sorta) is that I finished yesterday.  Including the "A Year in the Life" reboot that Netflix released last fall. So I'm done.  Gilmore Girls is over.  And so, I guess I can move on with my life now.
  • I have more to say on GG, but I'm saving that for its own special blog post.  Maybe tomorrow.
  • What will I watch now?  Well, I'm not sure, to be honest.  There are episodes of Suits that have come out that I need to catch up on, and another season of Scandal that has come out since I fell into the Gilmore Girls wormhole, but I'm really not sure what my next series to binge will be...decisions, decisions.
  • I finished the book Reconstructing Emily by Kimberly McCreight last week.  It wasn't my most favourite book ever, but it got better as it went on.  I was glad to be done with it so I could move on.  I started the book for our June book club meeting, which was my suggestion of The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.  It bothers me that I'm a Liberal Arts college graduate, and yet there are so many literary classics that I somehow missed out on during my school years.  The Catcher in the Rye is one of them.  You hear it referenced so often, I always wanted to know what it's all about.  It's moving along quickly for me so far, though I can't say I'm madly in love with it.  Still, glad to finally be reading it!
  • Can you believe I'm still curling?  I am. And will be for another three weeks.  Curling is never-ending.  That said, I am glad I finally started enjoying it somewhere along the line, because I don't dread curling nights anymore.  In fact, dare I say it? - I might actually be enjoying it!
  • Music I'm obsessed with right now:  Anything by Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, or Drake White.  Literally, these three artists are all I listen to these days.  On repeat. Steady.
  • I had a great time last Saturday with friends doing an Escape Room in Renfrew.  It was a gypsy-themed room.  Most of us had never done an Escape Room before, so we struggled.  It took us probably too long to catch on to what we had to do, and that put us behind the eight-ball, so we didn't even come close to escaping.  BUT it was so much fun, I really enjoyed it, and can't wait to try it again!
  • I should give a little Lent update:  Aside from one goof, I've been steering clear of potatoes, as promised.  The one slip-up happened on St. Patrick's Day.  My niece and nephew had a PD Day that day, and I was off, so I went to my mom's to hang out with them.  She told me she was making turkey dinner for supper, and it didn't register.  I watched her peel and cut the potatoes, and it didn't register.  I watched her cook and mash them, and it didn't register.  I piled them on my plate and smothered them with gravy, and it didn't register.  During supper, my sister said something about the food truck outside their building serving corned beef and mashed for lunch that day, in honour of St. Pat's, and I was thinking, "Welp. I couldn't eat that." and then I glanced down and literally cried out in panic.  I startled them all.  They thought I'd found a bug in my food or something. "MOM!!! POTATOES!!!"  They all thought it was pretty hilarious that I'd eaten almost all of my potatoes and gravy before realizing what I'd done, but it did disturb my soul.  I couldn't believe I'd eaten them without it dawning on me.  I take my Lenten promises pretty seriously, so ...yeah.  It troubled me that I'd so foolishly abandoned them, without even realizing.  
  • I have rebounded though, and so far so good since then.  And it hasn't been easy.  The chip wagon in town opened early, and it's just not the same when I can't get fries or poutine.  I've been subbing onion rings, and I'm getting soooo sick of onion rings.  I can't wait to have potatoes back in my life!
  • I kind of can't believe March is almost over.  I consider the end of March as the end of my hibernation period, and that's probably a good thing.  I'm ready for warmer weather and evening walks and busting out of this rut.  I'm ready for April. :)
Happy Tuesday!  I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with a more in-depth look into my obsession with Gilmore Girls! ;)

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