Thursday, March 30, 2017

What to watch next... decisions, decisions...

So, yesterday I let all my Gilmore Girl thoughts out in an attempt to "move on", but guess what.  I still miss them.  *sigh*

I've been battling a headache off and on since last Friday, and yesterday was the worst day yet.  By the end of the work day, it had turned into a real thumper.  So I abandoned my plans to go for a big long walk after work, and instead retreated to my cool, dark bedroom, popped a couple advil, and slept for an hour.  I woke up and still had the headache. urgh.  These headaches are soooo frustrating.  But I couldn't sleep anymore or I knew I wouldn't sleep come bedtime, so I made myself get up and move to the couch.  Over the next few hours, I got all caught up on Suits (the rest of Season 5 was released while I was all caught up in the Gilmores)... and so that left me pondering, where do I go next with Netflix?

I have eighty billion shows and movies saved to My List.  The options are endless.  But I need to narrow it down somehow.  Here are the Top 10 shows I'm thinking of diving into next:

  • Scandal - The latest season is being added week-by-week right now, so while I don't have the full slate of episodes to blow through like I have in the past, there is at least 8 or 9 up now I think.  I could start there, or I could wait until the whole season is out and binge it.  Undecided on which way I want to go.
  • Riverdale - This new show intrigues me.  I was a big fan of Archie comics as a kid (and still read them now, thanks to Rev. Nancy giving me a few new editions over the past few years!)  So I love the idea that they've brought the gang from Riverdale to a Netflix series.  I'm told not to expect good ol' clean Archie fun though.  I honestly don't know anything about it beyond that.  However, like Scandal, episodes are being added weekly, so I kind of want to wait and binge the whole season.  It's definitely on the "to watch" list, though.
  • Wentworth - This one wasn't on my radar at all, but my friend Stacy watched it and loved it.  I gather it's like Orange Is the New Black, but more serious.  OITNB is also on my "to watch" list (I read the book years ago, and have always wanted to watch the show too, but haven't got to it yet) - but after hearing Stace talk about it, I'm wondering if I should put Wentworth ahead of OITNB...
  • Santa Clarita Diet - This is another newer Netflix series, starring Drew Barrymore, and I love Drew.  I hear it's about zombies, and I hear that if you can get past the first few eps, it's really good.  
  • Life In Pieces - This is another one that came recommended from a friend.  It's only one season so far, and I hear it's a quick watch, 20 minute episodes and you can easily blow through the whole season in a few days if you have nothing else to do.  So maybe just what I need after a three month commitment to the Gilmores?
  • Nashville - I had high hopes for this show when it first aired on TV.  I watched the first episode, and was severely disappointed.  How could a show that sounded SO much like my cup of tea end up feeling so lacklustre and boring?  I gave it up right then and there.  Since then, I know of lots of girls who watch it and love it, and it's on Netflix so I could catch up.  Time to give it a second chance?
  • Breaking Bad - It's been on my "to watch" list for.ev.errrrr.  I remember feeling so left out when Breaking Bad was on the air, and every week, my friends on FB were posting things like, "OMG!!! Breaking Bad!!!  Craziest episode everrrr!!  So good!!"  I wanted to know what BB was all about.  Now I have the chance, but... just haven't got to it yet.  Maybe it's finally time.
  • House of Cards - This one also comes highly recommended by a friend. Lolly has asked me several times if I've started HoC, and always says, "Jilly, you have to get on that one."  So yes, it's on the list for sure!
  • Homeland - Another one that comes highly touted by several friends and family members.  My aunt & uncle were in the middle of it when we visited them in Florida, and they really seemed to be enjoying it.  I've always like Claire Danes, too, so I think I'd enjoy it.
  • The Walking Dead - Yet another one that has been on my list for a long time, and so many folks I know who love it.  I'm not sure if I'm into zombies enough to want to watch a whole series, but I'm definitely willing to give it a shot.
I also need to keep in mind that the Prison Break re-boot is coming out soon, and I NEED to have that in my life!  Oh my God!!!  I think PB is the only show I've ever loved more than Gilmore Girls.  My goal was to have GG done before PB started.  Mission accomplished!!  But I don't know the details... is PB going to be on regular TV, or will it be a whole season released on Netflix at once?  I'm kind of hoping they go the Netflix route.  I've also thought about re-watching the whole series first, but I think it's all pretty fresh in my memory.  I've never really gotten over Michael Scoffield, y'know...
(I'm seeing "FOX" written at the bottom of this promo poster, so I guess it will be a regular network show, not on Netflix yet.  booourns.)

The list above is literally just a snippet of what I have on my Netflix list. There are so many I could do.  I've heard people complain about the content on Netflix, but seriously, I think I could go for 20 years on my current list without adding anything new and still never get through it all.  The Killing, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Once Upon a Time... I could go on and on.  Something else I'd like to do is implement a "one movie a weekend" rule.  My friend Lindsay has been doing that, to make herself watch something other than whatever series she's into.  Lately, I haven't been watching any movies at all, just totally absorbed with my TV shows, and I have soooo many movies saved that I want to watch.  So yes.  Starting this weekend:  at least one movie or comedy special or documentary a weekend is the rule!  I think I'll start with recently-added Goon!!

Early in March marked my one year anniversary with Netflix, and I think it's the best $8 a month I spend.  It has definitely been worth it in my house!  Just to re-cap, here are the shows I've finished, or caught up on, so far:
  • Fuller House
  • Making a Murderer
  • The Mindy Project
  • Suits
  • The Office
  • Bloodline
  • Stranger Things
  • Scandal
  • The Crown
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
Not bad, right?!  Yes.  TV rules my life. ;)  

So, what are your favourite Netflix shows?  What is your recommendation for me to watch next? I'm excited to move on to something else!


Stacy said...

Wentworth - do it! You will be hooked though, promise.

I watched most of BReaking Bad but didn't thoroughly enjoy it.

That Santa Calarita Diet watched the first episode and never watched again.

I am with you on Riverdale, waiting for it to finish.

Nashville, love it

Homeland, I tried to get into that but didn't but at the time I was looking for a background kinda show and that one needs to be paid attention to. With that being said, Life in Pieces is a show I watch in the background.

Whatever did we do before Netflix!

Sarah said...

Ian and I have been watching The 100!! It took a couple episodes to really get into it to understand what was going on and then we got addicted and HAVE to watch it every night.

I'm like you...I'm afraid for when I am caught-up that I am going to have withdrawals...LOL But if you do give it a try, definitely watch 2 or 3 episodes before deciding....and there are some cute guys who you might like too :)

Amanda said...

You have to watch the 100... omg it's so good and addictive and soooo many good looking character :)

Amy said...

The 100, how to get away with murder, wentworth, OITNB, and definitely watch Weeds before BB if you haven't seen that yet!

ShannonJMc27 said...

I highly recommend Wentworth over OITNB for sure. Wentworth is more intense where Orange seems like a comedy in comparison lol
We made it to Season 3 of Homeland and it got boring, same with the Walking Dead (quit after the current season premiere). Breaking Bad had good points but very slow getting into it. We almost gave up a few times but we kept on. I LOVE Nashville - well until this newest season. Hopefully it gets better. I want to see House of Cards so if you watch it, let me know what it's like.