Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Weekend Rewind: 50 Shades, Curling, and the Oscars

Good Tuesday morning!

So, this past weekend was jam-packed with lots of fun (maybe too much fun)... here's a little re-cap!

As usual, I kicked it off Thursday evening at the curling rink, but thankfully, kept it much more tame than the week before.  We played the early game, and it wasn't the best game ever, for any of us.  Figures, since the week before I thought I had finally found my "groove"...apparently not!  Whoops.  Stayed for a little bit afterwards, but I kept the drinks to a minimum, and was home early.

My plans were up in the air for Friday, but then my mom called at 8 AM and told me I had 45 minutes to be ready if I wanted to join her and my sister for a day of shopping.  So, that sent me dashing off to get ready in a tailspin... so much so, that for the first time in my LIFE, I drank my coffee in the shower. LOL!  It made me realize how unwilling I am to start my day without my cup of joe!  Mom picked me, we stopped in at Kara's, and then we were off to Gatineau.  I really had no shopping desires other than a few groceries, so I was just kind of along for the ride.  But it was fun!  We hit up a bunch of stores, and had lunch at Cage aux Sports.  It isn't very often the three of us spend a day out together like that, and it was nice.  I told them the only thing we should have added as a stop for a pedicure!

I was home for a little while and watched some more Gilmore Girls before heading out for dinner and to see the new 50 movie.  And yes, I'm a fan.  I wasn't surprised, though.  The second book in the series was my favourite, so it made sense that I'd love the movie too.  To put it simply, I enjoy the "vanilla".  We'll just leave it at that. ;)  My mom had been warning me about driving to the city since there were freezing rain warnings, but that wasn't an issue...what I did not enjoy was driving home in a thunderstorm.  There were a few bolts of lightening that seemed so close and bright that they blinded me, and the rain was pouring so hard I even had to pull over once.  eeep!  Thankfully I got home safe and sound.  I don't like storms at any time, but I definitely did not enjoy driving home in a freak one in February!

Saturday I was up bright and early to get ready for a day at the curling rink.  I was playing with Brenda, Sue and Adam in the Quyon Lions curling bonspiel.  Our first game was pretty bad, but how can one be expected to be any good at 9 AM? ;) Our second game at 1:30 was much better, and we ended up coming back to tie it in the last end, so we finished our day on a high note.  It was a fun day, but I think I learned a lesson to not start with vodka and OJ at 9 AM and move to beer at noon, because that results in me becoming rather silly and obnoxious by suppertime... -_-  I'm vowing to try to remember this on Saturday, when the next curling bonspiel comes around! lol!!

Strangely enough, I couldn't sleep in on Sunday morning, and I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy, so I was up with coffee and watching Gilmore Girls for a few hours before church.  The service was really wonderful, which is saying something, as the hangover symptoms were starting to kick in.  By the time brunch was over, I was crashing hard, so I opted to head home for the afternoon to sleep it off, and that I did.  I literally slept alllll afternoon.  

I got up around suppertime and did a few things around the house before settling in for the Oscars.  I was interested in seeing who the  winners were on the night, as I had actually seen one of the big nominees (La La Land), and I'm also quite interested in seeing many of the others. I thought it was a strong year for the Oscar nominations. Often it's obscure films that I have no real interest in, but this year I liked the sound of all the nominees for Best Picture.  So yes, I watched the whole thing, start to finish.  I loved the opening number with Justin Timberlake performing his Best Song nominee "Can't Stop the Feeling" (I do believe it was my anthem for 2016!).  I also thought Jimmy Kimmel was a hilarious host and enjoyed almost all of his bits, including his opening monologue, the tour bus surprise, the Oscars mean tweets segment, candy and doughnuts parachuting down from the sky, tweeting at Trump ("u up? #merylsayshi"), and his on-going fake feud with Matt Damon.  

Of course, the Oscars always drag on way past their allotted time slot, and many times during the evening I thought of packing it in, but thanks to my afternoon of sleep and this nagging feeling of "I don't want to miss something", I hung in there.  And boy, was I glad I did.  I STILL can't believe the blunder that happened in the end with the final award of the night for Best Picture.  I thought presenter Warren Beatty was just being silly, dragging things out extra long, with his big pause and search of the envelope, but now in retrospect, I can see he was just really, really confused.  (I also think it was kind of assholey of him to pawn the problem off on Faye Dunaway, but whatever).  She announced La La Land as the much-anticipated winner, and then the whole cast and crew flooded up onto the stage.  As the producers were giving their acceptance speeches, I could tell something was wrong.  Confused looks from the crew up on stage, then the appearance of Oscar producers on-stage wearing headsets, checking the envelope, more confusion and whispers starting to bubble up... then finally, one of the La La Land producers stepped forward to say, "Guys, no...there's been a mistake... Moonlight, you won Best Picture. Please come up here."

Jaws literally dropped.  Mine included.  Flashbacks of Steve Harvey and the whole Miss Universe debacle.  Was this really happening at THE OSCARS?!?!  I still don't understand what happened, exactly.  Beatty and Dunaway were given the wrong envelope, and that's why he was so confused - the card read "Emma Stone - La La Land", and she had just been awarded Best Actress shortly before, so they obviously had been given that envelope again.  I guess what should have happened once Beatty realized he had the wrong card, he should have said, "Um, wait a minute...something's not right here"... but put in that moment, on the spot, I'm not sure I'd have done it any differently than he did.  

It was very classy of the La La Land crew to clarify it the second they realized what had happened, and to urge the Moonlight crew to come up on-stage immediately, but talk about awkward.  I thought it was awful for all involved.  Awful for the La La Land crew who thought they had won and were giving speeches, only to find out their dream was dashed.  Awful for the Moonlight crew, who lost out on that big winning moment and instead were caught up in the awkwardness and confusion.  Awful for Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, who weren't really responsible for the mistake, yet took blame for delivering it.  The saving grace was Jimmy Kimmel, who easily stepped in and tried to rectify the situation, even accepting the blame himself as he said, "I knew I was going to mess this up somehow, I promise I'll never come back" - despite the fact he had nothing to do with it either.  Seriously...still can't believe it happened!

Monday I was off, of course, so I had booked a Paint Day with my neighbour Shannon (who is no longer really my neighbour, but she's not far away, so I still call her my neighbour lol).  It felt like I hadn't painted in forever, so I was excited to get back at it, this time painting chickadees!  Many of my paintings have a blue/purple colour scheme, so I decided to do that for a background instead of the bright green/yellow one she had done.  I ended up LOVING it!!  It was a great way to cap off a wonderful weekend :)

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