Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Weekend Rewind

Happy Tuesday, friends!  This past weekend was a wonderful, relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable one!  For one thing, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out - spring-like temperatures, melting snow, lots of sunshine.  And while I for one am not quite ready for winter to disappear just yet, it does seem like many people around here really needed that nice weekend.  For them, I am happy.

As I'm still on short work weeks during the down time of winter, my weekend started out on Thursday evening at the curling rink, where we not only won our game, but I felt like it was my best game yet.  I seriously still have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, but I just felt more comfortable sliding out from the hack and it seemed my rocks landed in good territory more often than not.  Thank the Lord Jesus.  I was starting to think I was never going to get any good at this game!  We played late game, and then we sat around having a few drinks afterwards (perhaps a few too many for me...eep!) and didn't get home til after midnight.  It was a fun night!

Friday morning was slow-going for me (read above: too many curling rink beers), but I forced myself up and to get ready, as I was joining Lindsay for a trip to Ladysmith.  Our company snowmobile trip was on Friday, and for the first time ever, I was able to join them for lunch at the Ladysmith Hotel! (Linds and I opted to drive there by car, though...no snowmachining for us. lol)  I hadn't been there in ages, so I was excited to be able to go.  Even if none of the guys seemed to want to sit with us. HA!

After lunch, I quickly grabbed a few necessities at the grocery store before returning home to nap.  I needed to catch some z's after the late night the night before, so I could be rested up for a snowshoeing adventure that night!  My friend Sharon picked me up early evening, and we headed out for an evening of snowshoeing at Pine Lodge with Lolly, Shelley, and Ally.  We had gone the week before, and loved the trails there, so we were back for more.  We did a lot of laughing and singing and joking around... always so much fun!  I adore snowshoeing!!
(photo cred to Lolly)
Saturday morning was the only crappy part of my weekend, and that was because I had a crappy job to do:  cleaning the house.  I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't cleaned, aside from the odd sweeping here and there, since I took Christmas decorations down in early January.  Eeek!  Granted, I live alone, and I don't "create" a lot of dirt, and I was away for one whole week, but still... the dust bunnies were starting to give birth to new dust bunnies.  It was a job I could no longer avoid.  (Despite Brenda and Sue's best efforts to get me to ditch it and join them at the curling rink. lol!)

Even though I had dreaded cleaning, it felt so good to have it done.  And to have it done early enough that I could still get out and enjoy the gorgeous afternoon!  After a quick lunch, I ventured out for a nice long walk in the warm sunshine.  It was up to +10 on Saturday!  I couldn't believe after months of cold and snow, I actually got to walk in a light sweater and vest.  The only (small) issue was the melting snow caused huge puddles and my feet got soaked.  Oh well... it was worth it!

The rest of the day, I watched Netflix (soooo into the Gilmore Girls right now!) made homemade pizza for supper, and watched the Sens beat the Leafs.  OH!  And I enjoyed a little treat I'd picked up the day before getting groceries - I finally found Ben & Jerry's "The Tonight Dough" ice cream at our local grocery store!  I will buy ANYthing that has Jimmy Fallon's face on it! ;)

Sunday was church, and out for breaky afterwards with the fam.  I had no plans for the rest of the day, other than hanging out with Mom, so I decided to do a little snowshoeing around her place.  She has great next-door neighbours with big expanses of yard on either side of her, and I didn't think they'd mind if I tramped a trail through parts of their property.  I spent a good 45 minutes out enjoying yet another beautiful day outdoors.  Who knew this couch potato would like playing out in the snow so much! ;)

Yesterday was "Family Day" for a many of my friends and family, but for me, just another good ol' Monday off. ;)  I got a start on laundry, then made homemade cream of celery soup for lunch.  It was aaaaaamazing - definitely satisfied the craving I've had for it lately!  Soooo good!

I went for another nice long walk after lunch, enjoying yet ANOTHER beautiful day!  A bit colder, but the sun was brilliant and the snow was still melting like crazy.  I watched some more Gilmore Girls, then got to work getting supper ready, which was actually inspired by an episode of the show!  In an ep I watched the other day, Richard makes a favourite meal from his childhood which he calls "Johnny Machete".  I googled it, and couldn't find much, but there were a few articles on it, and how they believe it is actually a dish called "Johnny Marzetti".  There are literally a hundred different variations, that I made the one most appealing to me, and invited my mom over for supper.  Really, it wasn't much different from my usual pasta-hamburger-sauce-cheese concoctions, but still a yummy supper.

Yesterday was also the day my new snowshoes arrived from Amazon - yeah!!  I have been borrowing a pair from Jared for the past few weeks, so it's nice to now have my own set.  I just had to break them in last night, as the warm temperatures and rain in the forecast this week make me fear the snowshoeing days are drawing to a close for the season.  :(  I'm so sad it took me so long to discover my love for this outdoor winter activity!  Anyways, I took them up to Mom's to do the trail I had made the day before, so I got another good half hour out there of fresh air and exercise.  It was a great way to cap off a wonderful weekend!

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