Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canadian Pride!

Everyone knows Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year. Followed closely by Christmas Day. And then my birthday. (Although, now that I'm moving past the mid-twenties, that day is slowly becoming one to dread rather than celebrate...)
But right up there on my "favourite days of the year" pedestal is our beautiful country's birthday.
JULY 1st!! YEAH!!

(The sight of the Canada Flag going through the crowd at the Sens games always sends shivers down my spine...)

It has become a highlight on the calendar for me especially since I joined Quyon's Canada Day Committee, about 5 years ago now. We spend the year planning & fundraising for this one special day. In recent years, we've switched our celebrations to the evening of June 30th, as everyone has the next day off work leaving them free to have a good time, and also frees up Canada Day for people to take in other festivities, such as the ones close-by on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

But tonight, Quyon is the place to be!! The Lionettes will be hosting their annual Teddy Bear Hospital at the Lions Hall, with all proceeds going to the Shawville Hospital. There will be a community BBQ, followed by the parade which ends with a flag raising ceremony down by the Ferry docks. Continuing into the evening, the band Catalyst will be raising the roof of the hall and getting everyone pumped up for fireworks down by the Ottawa River.

Sound like fun?? It ALWAYS IS!!

(The Committee ladies on-stage with the band last year.)

For those of you who live in town, hope to see you there!

Everyone have a safe & Happy Canada Day, wherever you may be!!

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