Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gettin' Down & Dirty

Once again, my Survivor re-cap falls on the day of the next episode. Way late, but better late than never, right? I was truly so caught up in Olympic fever that my ideas for that Blog were running through my head, and I couldn't put anything else down until I got that big spiel out!

Last week's Survivor was a bit of a relief for me. Finally - finally - the Heroes won the combined Immunity/Reward Challenge. For the first time, they did not have to go to Tribal Council, and they received their luxury items that they brought with them as reward. They also somewhat cleared the air around camp, with James and Tom talking civilly. Tom explained to James why he and Colby felt so threatened by him, and told him of a few of his "bully" techniques that weren't going to win him any popularity points. James listened quietly for a change. While I'm not sure we've seen the last of James' brute temper, it was nice to see some of the tension being eased within their tribe. It hasn't been that peaceful & cohesive in the Heroes Camp since Day 1!

At the Challenge, the Heroes finally got to compete in a purely physical challenge - "Sumo in Mud". Two competitors faced off on a platform surrounded by thick, icky goop. Holding big bags, they were to try and force their opponent off the platform and into the mud, using nothing but the bag to push them. The first team to 8 points would be declared the winner.

The Heroes wasted no time throwing their weight around, knocking the Villains off with ease. The only taste of victory they had was when Coach knocked Rupert off, but as he celebrated wildly, Jeff tried interrupting to tell him he had used his arm to push Rupert off. Once Coach stopped celebrating long enough to listen, he was furious to hear they had to battle again. This time, it was no contest - Rupert got rid of him quickly.

Probably the most evenly-fought battle - and the one I was most worried about - was Colby vs. Boston Rob. After Colby suffered that humiliating loss in the first challenge when Coach dragged him to the wrong mat, I was worried he would be the only Hero beaten again. Not that Rob isn't a worthy competitor, and losing to him wouldn't be anything to be ashamed of, but after so many of his teammates before him had won, it would have sucked if Colby had lost.

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. It was a tough and dirty battle, but Colby eventually pushed Rob off the platform and into the mud. And looked quite sexy doing so, I might add. Heroes 8 - Villains 0.

So the Villains headed off to TC for the first time, with lots of chatter in camp leading up to it as to who they should vote out. Take out one of the surliest players in history who has nothing in common with the tribe, like Randy? Or target one of the biggest female competitors who somehow manages to trick her teammates with her sweet, flirty smile - as in, Parvati?

I was really rooting for them to send Parvati home. Not that I like Randy. And not that I really dislike Parvati that much (at least, not anymore...I hated her the first season she played, but she kind of won me over the second time). I just hoped the Villains would be a little smarter and go after someone who is a real threat to win the game. And Parvati is, indeed, that: a genuine, bonafide threat.

But instead, they went with Randy, who spent much of his time floating alone in the water and struggling to even communicate with his tribe. (It was painful to watch him try to coax them into eating the giant clam he caught. When Rob brought one back on week one, they toasted him as if he was a hunting & fishing genius. Randy brings one back, and they all act as if he offered them a dose of the chicken pox.)

The good news? Randy won't care. Randy hates everybody. When he threw his buff in the fire before departing, it was as if he was declaring, "Good riddance - never felt like I was one of you anyways".

It was a perfect farewell to a Survivor Villain.

Who will go home tonight? Be sure to tune in and find out!!


Stacy said...

i realized last week that Colby is not as good looking as I thought he was...I find he looks sick or something...he just doesn't do it for me anymore!

Jill said...

Mmmm...Colby...doesn't look sick to me. Although, he has looked awfully worried and anxious for much of this season. Still hot in my world, though!