Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Colby Survives...Barely

You know what's been missing so far this season on Survivor? I know we're only 4 episodes in to the Heroes vs. Villains showdown, but up until last Thursday night, there hadn't been any Tribal Council surprises.

It took a little maneuvering and scheming by Tom and Colby, but they finally remedied that.

Clearly on the outs at their camp, Tom and Colby were scrambling to save themselves from being voted out at Tribal Council, if they did, in fact, have to go back again. After the Reward Challenge (which they lost), both they and the Villains discovered a clue indicating where they could find the Hidden Immunity Idols on their beaches.

At the Villains' beach, they made a group decision to ignore the Idol, as Boston Rob claimed anyone who went looking for it would have their head on the chopping block. Sneaky little Russell, though, who was apparently the King of finding Hidden Immunity Idols (without even getting clues!) last season, immediately went in search of it. Rob sent Sandra to spy on him, and she brought back the news that yes, indeed, Russell was out there looking for it.
Warning: Major showdown gonna happen between Russell & Rob!! Stay tuned!!

Back at the Hereos' beach, everyone beetled off in different directions instantly after they found the clue. James went one way. JT another. Everyone started picking ends of the beach and took off. Tom found a promising tree to search under, but a crowd had gathered by the time he found the Idol, and Amanda saw him putting it in his sock. Word spread quickly, and Tom knew it was no secret that he had it in his possession.

The Heroes went on to lose yet another Challenge, this time for Immunity, in a close battle that saw Boston Rob direct his blindfolded teammates to a win just a fraction of a second ahead of Tom.

At camp, it appeared everyone on the non-Colby & Tom alliance were going to split their votes between the two men, counting on Tom playing his Idol and Colby going home. Colby and Tom made a strong case that Candice, a less physical threat and more scrambly player, should be ousted instead. It appeared they had JT, James, and Amanda on-board, but that two-faced Amanda went and reported to Cirie right away. Bitch!!

Cirie went crazy, telling them they were all ridiculous to even think about voting out Candice ahead of Colby when they had the chance. And once again, the power appeared to have shifted, and it looked like Colby's time on the Island was almost over. I was worried...seriously worried.

However, the good guys knew the one player to go after - the one player who they felt they could manipulate and convince - and that was JT. Cornering him, Colby and Tom presented a new option. Cirie seemed to have everyone under her control; the one masterminding the game. What about shake things up and get rid of her in a blindside? If the three of them wrote down her name, and everyone else split their votes between Colby and Tom, Cirie would go home. They had given JT something to think about.

At Tribal, I still wasn't convinced that JT was going to follow the plan. However, after Probst put a spotlight on the glaring flaws in their strategies by confronting Rupert about his weak philosophy on sticking to his alliance's wishes rather than going with what he felt would be best for the team to start winning challenges, I had a feeling JT might wake up. And that he did.

Tom played his Idol, so all votes cast against him didn't count. Colby racked up 2 votes against him, and then the Cirie votes started coming up. 1-2...and 3. JT had come through and they had accomplished the very first blindside of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains! I did some serious fist-pumping!!

So Colby lives to see another day in Samoa. I've got my fingers crossed that this changes the dynamics at their camp and they actually start winning some challenges. I can't take another close call like that anytime soon!

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