Thursday, December 11, 2008

Forget the 'Staches...Check out those ABS!!!

Today's Blog was supposed to be about the Ottawa Senators (woeful as they may be), and how much I hate their mustaches. Because the '08-'09 Sens, amidst a less-than-inspiring season thus far, decided as a group to start growing 'staches to enhance team bonding or team spirit or some crap like that.

I believe it was Dany Heatley's dumb idea, and most of them are now growing hairy caterpillars above their upper lips....

Or not. Some, like Jason Spezza, have sorry excuses for a mustache, puny little whiskers that you can barely see. Others, like Shean Donovan, are refusing to partake. He says he'll start growing his someday...Truth is, Shean's wife probably knows they all look like goofs and is forcing him to shave every morning. Can't say I blame her.

The only "reputable" 'staches I've seen so far are belonging to Martin Gerber, Chris Phillips, Chris Kelly, and Antoine Vermette.

Ah, Antoine Vermette. Ya see? Right there. That's where this Blog got sidetracked.

I went searching for photos of some of the mustaches, but was coming up empty-handed. So I started Googling those names above to see if I could find some image results with them sporting their new (God-awful) facial hair, and again, I couldn't find any photo evidence to add to the Mustache Blog.

But when I typed in Antoine Vermette's name, I quickly forgot about the Fu Manchus. I found these pictures instead:

H-h-h-hubba hubba!!!

Why have I never seen these pictures before?!?! Why was I wasting my time on Wade Redden all those years?!?! (Okay, I take that back, Wade had a pretty hot physique himself...But he's gone now...Time to move on, right?!)

I hereby declare that Antoine Vermette is no longer allowed to wear a shirt. Ever. Not when he's off the ice, not when he's on the ice...NEVER!!

A body like that should not be covered up. It should be on display at all times, for gals like me to drool over. That is just the most beautiful male form I have ever seen with my own two eyes!

So yeah...You don't get any pictures of ugly mustaches. But somehow, I don't think the female fans of the Blog out there will mind!!


Sharon said...

MEOW! Talk about hottness on a schtick!

Awesome blog Jill!

Jill said...

haha! Thanks Sharon!! And yes, that would be a big "ME-OWWW" from me too!! :)

Kathleen said...

By no means do I find Alex Kovalev sexy but I saw a picture of him a couple of months ago on the cover of a magazine with no shirt and my mouth dropped right in the middle of the line up at the grocery check out. He looked like a Greek God other than the Russian facial features...haha.