Friday, November 14, 2008

That Was Some Unsettling TV...

If it's possible to be bothered by television shows, that happened to me last night.

First, with Survivor. Already disgruntled that Marcus was banished last week to the jury, things didn't improve for me this week. I'm still baffled by this wacky twist of events in Gabon that has seen the decimation of the powerful alliance that once included Marcus, Charlie, Corrine, Randy, and Bob. At one point, when they were all at Kota, it appeared they had the game in their hands. Suddenly they are being tricked and blindsided by the likes of Crystal and Kenny - left, right & centre. Last night, they managed to get their hands on Sugar and sway her to their side. First Susie, now her. And this week, their coup de grace was eliminating Charlie from the game.

I hate the way Kenny looks like a rat - he even compared himself to one last night, and that's exactly what he looks like. A friggin' RAT!! And he seems proud of that!! And hoooo boy, if I was there, I'd be slapping that vile little smirk off Crystal's face everytime something goes her way. I haaaaaaaaate her!!

Damned good thing Matty's still there. At least he's hot. But even he's annoying me now, and I can't believe he's choosing to side with Crystal & Kenny; however, it looks like Corrine, Randy & Bob are going to do their best next week to turn the tables and bring him over to their side, now that they've merged. I hope & pray that they're able to secure his vote to get out Crystal - otherwise, The Uglies (that's what I call Crystal & Kenny) will have this thing in the bag. And if that happens...what a waste of a season that once held so much potential.

So after watching that bothersome episode of Survivor, I decided to stay up and watch Grey's Anatomy too.
Now, don't get me wrong. I love Grey's. Love it. But I'm a little disturbed by the fact that they're bringing Denny back. Now. After he's already been DEAD for 2-plus seasons.
I'm not sure if he's a ghost, or if Izzie's just hallucinating, or if the rumours are true and they're giving her a brain tumour and that's the reason why she's seeing Denny. I have no clue. I'm trying to see beyond the weird awesomeness of having Denny back, and having Izzie be able to touch him, and, by the looks of the previews, she's going to actually sleep with him next week...?!? How can this all be possible?!? I'm trying to see beyond it, because while many Grey's fans are in an uproar over the silly ridiculousness of bringing back Denny, I'm thinking it could lead to some really great plotlines.
The truly bittersweet part of the whole thing is that Izzie was finally - FINALLY - starting to be happy with Alex. They had cute scenes where they finally decided they were going to "go steady", and after Alex had been all bent out of shape and angry and hateful over his crazy ex-girlfriend Ava/Rebecca, it was so nice to see him smile again. And in a healthy relationship.
Whoopsie. Maybe not so healthy after all. Imagine the turmoil he's going through, seeing Izzie -his beautiful, wonderful Izzie - talking to her dead ex-fiancé in the halls of Seattle Grace.
Yikers. I don't want Alex to have another crazy girlfriend. He doesn't deserve this! He's already suffered through so much pain and tragedy... Can he really handle having to battle Denny again for Izzie's affections? He battled Denny once, and lost. Can he battle Denny's ghost and win?
I'm actually hoping the rumour that Izzie has a brain tumour, causing her to hallucinate Denny, is what's really going on. Not that I want Izzie to die - but if that is what's causing her to see Denny again, then they'll discover her illness, and I think it would be super-romantic and awesome to see her come through it and realize all along that it's been Alex at her side, not Denny.
But for now...Denny's back!! And while it is odd and troubling, I'm super-stoked that for a few episodes, I get to soak up the humour and the hotness that is Denny. Woo-Hoo!
Aside from that, my other favourite part from last night was when Callie broke down in the OR over Dr. Hahn leaving without even saying goodbye. I was not a fan of Hahn's, so I wasn't sorry to see her go, or to see the end of their experimental lesbian relationship - but I did feel for Callie last night when she started to sob and couldn't stop. And I absolutely loved that McSteamy, who's usually only around for comedic relief and to take the women of Seattle Grace into the on-call room for a romp, was the one who stood by her, and let her have her moment, and held her while she cried. I love it when you find out the assholes of the world really have good hearts.
Last but not least - Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan gets credit for one of the best lines ever on the show, after labelling Meredith's younger sister Lexie "Little Grey". Meredith (aka "Big Grey") was worried that he'd be making predatory sexual advances on her sister, so she asked Derek to speak to him and tell him to keep "Little Sloan" away from "Little Grey". When Derek repeated that pretty much word-for-word, Mark looked at him incredulously and said, "'Little Sloan'? No, no, no. 'BIG Sloan'!"

And that, folks, is why I love this show!!


Anonymous said...

is Denny the guy that plays on P.S I love You?


Jill said...

That's the one - he was actually almost hotter on PS I Love You, 'cause he got to be the hot Irish musician...On Grey's he was a sickly heart patient...Either way, he's still pretty studly! lol

Sharon said...

Hey Jill, I watched Survivor without Wayne last night and I am kind of starting to root for the underdogs : ) I like Sugar now lol.

Jill said...

The Uglies. Not the Underdogs. lol

I'm having a hard time pegging Sugar down. One week I hate her, the next I like her. It amazes me how easily she is swayed at times, and yet other times, she seems surprisingly intelligent. I'm afraid now that she has watched three strong allies go (Ace, Marcus, Charlie), she could be in trouble - the Uglies will tear her apart.