Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gettin' Me a Dose of Pigott!

Hey guys.

So I moved. I've been gradually moving for about a month, slowly moving stuff down to the new house, while still sleeping in my own cozy room at home.

But this past weekend, it actually got done. Aside from some clothes and little stuff, I've officially changed addresses.

And if there's one thing I've learned (or been reminded of from my college apartment days), is that I'm not a good mover. I worry about everything, and when I let my mind really slip into the deep, dark places that make me bubble with anxiety, I end up panicking, thinking, "What if things are never right & normal again? What if I always feel like I want to move back home?"

I talk myself back down, reminding myself that it's not exactly normal for a 25-year-old to be still living at home with Mom & Dad, yet I'm still close enough that I can skip back whenever I want. It's not like I've moved to frickin' Siberia. I'm just down the road.

This week, having no groceries or satellite dish yet, I've been actually at home more than I've been at the new place. I eat at home, I watch TV at home - then I just go to the new house to sleep, and shower in the morning.

So far, that seems to be working quite well for me. Just might have to keep it that way.

Anyways...If there's anything that can bring me back out of my doldrums, it's news on the Sebastian Pigott front! Remember him? The dude I drooled over pretty much all summer long?

Well, I've given you a long enough reprieve - it's time he get some more space on the Blog!

I was super-excited when I heard yesterday that he had a guest-starring role on the Canadian television drama, The Border. Never watched it before in my life, and I still haven't actually seen the episode, but I did tape it and I'm looking forward to watching it. Word on the street is Seb got to do a lot of his own stunts, and that his character eventually dies. But I won't mind, so long as I get to look at his handsomeness for another while!

Just to remind you, here's some pics.

It will be interesting to see Sebastian in an acting role, after watching him on Idol doing the singing thing. From the rooting around on the Internet that I've done, it appears that Sebastian's heart lies more with acting and playwriting than music or modeling. He's written several scripts that have been produced by DropShip Entertainment in Toronto, in which he has also acted, and he's also had bit roles on other movies and shows, such as the Canadian film "The Poet", set in WWII.

Being on Idol certainly will have opened more doors for him in acting, and I'm sure his guest appearance on The Border will give him even more exposure, as it is his first mainstream acting role. I'll let you know what I think of his acting once I actually get to watch the episode (hopefully tonight). I can't wait!!!


Anonymous said...

Jill - once you get groceries and the dish and you start staying at home, you will feel back to normal again and get into a routine - congrats on sleeping and showering there though! LOL
Not much to say about Pigott - saw the show on the guide from time to time - but have never seen it and I am not totally drooling over Pigott either to make myself watch it. Sorry!
What happened on One Tree Hill - after bout 9:30?



Jill said...

Hope you're right, Stace, but as of now, I'm just happy going home to eat & watch TV - lol.

As for One Tree Hill - Julian begged Peyton to get Lucas to work with him on the movie, so she told Luke to do it because she was afraid he'd always regret if he didn't, and she gave him permission to punch Julian whenever he wants. lol

Q told Nathan to live his dreams, so when Haley got home, they promised each other that they would always live their dreams together or something like that. Nathan's Slam Ball team won without him, so he was happy.

Millie was hiding in the parking lot when Mouth walked Gigi out to her car. Gigi promised to lay off and not cause any more trouble between him & Millie, and then she hugged him - of course, the hug is all Millie saw, so she thinks something's definitely going on now...

And Brooke assured Sam that she will never get rid of her just 'cause of the adoption agency calling about the baby. Then she called them back to tell them she was interested, and she mentioned she was also fostering a teen, and they told her that caused a problem, and she said, "Why does that cause a problem?" ...Sam heard her talking on the phone, and she's upset, so I think she's probably going to run away or something.

Great performances by Haley, Mia, and Angels & Airwaves at the USO show that Peyton put on if you missed them!!

Anonymous said...

i saw Haley sing first - and i was worried about Sam - i could tell she was worried about the phone call and i'm starting to like her - i just find it funny that these people are our age if not younger and they live just interesting lives - big houses and kids and businesses...holy cow!


Sharon said...

Congrats on the move Jill!