Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back to the Ball Field

I didn't think I'd be playing ball this year, after it seemed my team from last year had completely dismantled and nobody had signed up to play. Then I found out that most of them had been recruited to play for another team, but I was not included in that select, elite group. (hee hee...Totally kidding...Would I pick me to play on a ball team? Hell no! I suck!!)

Anyways, I guess after the team captains met on Monday night, it was determined that one more girl was needed to fill out a line-up, so I got the call. They really must've been scraping the bottom of the barrel, but anyways...I agreed to play. This year I'm on the old guys' team. That's what everyone calls them. It's kind of an unfair nickname, considering that at least 5 of us that I can think of are under the age of 30. And two of them are under 20.

Doesn't really matter though, 'cause our nickname should be "The Fun Ones"!! OK, my team last year was fun too, but there were a lot of laughs last night on the bench and out in the field. No pressure, no yelling, just joking and giggling. The biggest argument was deciding who would get to sit each inning - because everyone wants to sit.

Well, we played the young lads (also an unfair nickname - 'cause half of them are my age, and no one calls me a "young lad") - and we beat them!! It was great. Especially considering that in the past, they've had a reputation for being a little cocky and arrogant, and I'm sure they thought they'd have no trouble beating us "old guys". We showed 'em!

I never got on base. The toilets still aren't working. The mosquitoes were wicked. Aside from me switching teams, not much changed at the good ol' Quyon ball park!


Kathleen said...

nice. I start softball tomorrow night. Its a new team with people I don't really know, this league seems a lot better organized than the last one so I'm glad I made the switch. Really looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Yea the mosquitos are pretty wicked down there...i went down for a bit Wed night to see if Miss Sara was there watching Graham and I was talking with Kelly (Graham's mom) and Lindsay and Amanda Nugent and the bugs were eating us alive. I wish they would just spray the town again - who cares about the environment, like how many years was our shit going into our drinking water???