Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tackling the Touchy Subject

Priscilla sent me a message on my Facebook Wall the other day, and she asked when I wrote another Blog if I would be talking about the Sens, or were they a still a touchy subject with me?

Answer: Yes, they're still a touchy subject with me. But I'm gonna talk about them anyway.

A week ago, this team was in complete disarray. They had posted back-to-back shut-out losses to the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins, which was the rock-bottom point in a long stretch of games in which they had struggled. Instead of looking like that well-oiled Stanley-Cup-contending team of the early part of the season, they were looking more like the early Expansion Sens who only won 10 games all season. Then, following last Tuesday's trade deadline and the measly acquisition of Martin Lapointe from the Chicago Blackhawks (they dangle Hossa, but deliver Lapointe? Puh-leeeze...), Head Coach John Paddock was given the axe and Bryan Murray returned behind the bench, hopefully ready to lead his team back to where he got them last year...and beyond.

Stanley Cup or bust, baby.

Well. It kinda looks like it's going to be bust.

Since Murray assumed his former role as Head Coach, the Sens have been a dismal 1-3. They lost that first game under Murray, to Philly, 3-1. They beat Pittsburgh Saturday in a wild one, 5-4. Then, in Monday night's re-match against the team that beat them for the Cup last June, they lost 3-1 to Anaheim. And then, last night they blew two leads to eventually lose in San Jose, 3-2 in OT.

At least they got a point, right? *sigh*

What has happened to my Sens?? I'm distraught, frustrated, anxious, nervous. We've slipped in the standings, no longer the far-and-away leader of the East, now we're nestled in the middle of the pack in 5th place, only a few points from the top, but also only a few from the bottom. If this slide continues...who knows? Is it possible we don't even make the playoffs?

When Bryan Murray returned behind the bench, I was breathing easier. I thought, "Here we go...We're back!"

Not so much.

While I do think the Sens have played better in the past week, they're still struggling, and now, with Captain Alfie out after being cross-checked in the ribs in the Anaheim game, who knows how long the misery will continue?

They've got to string some wins together and start looking more like that team that steam-rolled through the playoffs last season until meeting their match in the Stanley Cup Finals. Otherwise, that "amazing start" back in October/November will mean absolutely nothing. I've been through a lot of painful times as a Sens fan, but I'm not sure anything will be as painful as watching this season go from "glowing" to "ghastly".

I'm gritting my teeth. Hoping for a win tonight in L.A. Trying to be optimistic and praying for the turn-around.

I don't want this to be a touchy subject anymore.


Sharon said...


priscilla said...

Well I'm glad to see a new blog. And even though the Sens are losing, they've been pretty close games, not like they're losing them 10-0. So they don't totally suck, and I think they will get back on track soon enough.

Sharon-I missed the hour long Coronation St last night. (stupid dish) What happened?

Kathleen said...

Don't feel too bad Jill, no one in the East is going to win the Cup this year. Remember the spankin that the Ducks gave the Sens last year and remember that San Jose, Detroit and Dallas are almost as good if not as good as the Ducks. The East is just fighting for the right to lose to the West.
Be glad you didn't get Hossa. I was glad Gainey didn't trade for him either. Do you really want to lose someone like Antoine Vermette and maybe Nick Foligno and another prospect as well as a first round pick for some overrated choker who shuts down in the playoffs? Hossa for Heatley was a great trade...
And you can blame this all on the assclown Emery...

Kenny said...

Jill I'm not just saying this to bug you but there D is killing them.... The team can't get out of their own zone with any speed cause no one can make that first pass out of the zone..... Now about Lapointe, I think he was an awesome pick-up, he has won 2 cups and is a natural leader...Hossa hasn't done a thing in the play-offs and is definetly not worth what Atlanta wanted.

I know It's getting down to the nitty-gritty now but stay calm, were still in the race and I have full confidence that they turn things around!