Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow Daze

Well, it's the topic everyone else is talking about, so why not me too?

Snow. And lots of it.

This past weekend, we got a massive dumping of the white stuff, to go along with the already-considerable quantity we've accumulated over the past 4 months. They're claiming on Saturday alone, we received upwards of 50 centimetres, and that doesn't include the snow that fell on Friday night (somewhere along the lines of 15 centimetres).

Now, I work on a sod farm, where the word "snow" is literally an offenisve 4-letter word.

Oddly enough, I really love snow. I have ever since I was a little kid. This winter has been a dream to me. So many mornings I've woken up to a fresh blanket of fluffy white snow, and it literally makes me giddy.

The thing is, I'm not sure why. I haven't participated in any outdoor winter activities in a long, long time. I don't downhill ski, and I haven't had my cross-country skis out since I was maybe 14 years old. I used to love sliding and snomobiling, but now our sleds are stored in the attic year-round, our snowmobile bit the dust years ago and was never replaced...Hell, I don't even own a pair of snow pants. I can't remember the last time I built a snowman, and I out-grew my skates when I was in Grade 7 and never got a new pair.

I work in an industry where this much snow is not just something to sigh & bitch about. A prolonged winter will affect business; the more snow we have, the longer it will stick around, and as long as it's here, the grass can't start growing.

And yet, for some reason, I just can't muster up any hate for the snow!!

They're saying we need 33 more centimetres to break the record, and I'm hoping we get it. I mean, seriously - we've come this far, don't we want something to show for it, people?! A place in the record books; a memorable winter to one day look back on, like my parents do with "The Storm of '71". It will be the winter we'll one day reminisce about, and tell the tale to our grandchildren: I remember the winter of '08 - that was the year we broke the record for the biggest snowfall in one winter. I walked to work everyday, going uphill both ways, in my bare feet, with snow up to my chin.

This winter could be our generation's claim to fame. We only have 33 more centimetres to go.

And I say...Bring it on!!


Sharon said...

Here here!

I'm with you Jill! Just not for it to come this coming Saturday so that I can meet my new nephew!

Anonymous said...

way to go jilly!!
what a refreshig attitude....
let's just stop with the bitchin' and whining about all this snow, and embrace it.....
let's just love our four season's equally!!
and if you're ever in need of four little snow-mad friends, just head down the road.......they'll have you tunnelling, building and sledding in no time.....

Webcam said...
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