Thursday, February 14, 2008

What's There to Love About This Stupid Day?

In case the title didn't get my feelings across: I hate Valentine's Day. Hate it.

However, I tried to wake up feeling positive and cheery today. I don't want to be a bitter old spinster.

But seriously, what is there to love about this day?

First of all, at crafts last night, we had to make these decorative heart towels, and I decided for once not to just glue gun the whole damn thing. I actually paid attention while Sara's mom taught me how to do a blanket stitch, and tried desperately to complete at least one of the stupid towels. I didn't even come close. So that put me in a crank to begin with.

Then, the Sens lost, this time to New Jersey in OT. Nothing to smile about there.

Then, I went downstairs to watch my taped epidsode of Big Brother. All that drooling I did over Jacob yesterday? Cancel that. The boy turned out to be a total assbag. He got all yappy, told one-half of the Power Couple, Jen, that the other half, Parker, was a snake, and that everyone was saying so. Turns out, Jacob was the only one saying so, and when Parker called a late-night house meeting to find out who was talking behind his back, the truth became clear that the only person who had a problem with Parker was Jacob.

Sharon tried to cover for his ass by saying Ryan was also unhappy with Parker, but she picked the wrong dude to toss under the bus. With Parker suspicious of her real-life BF, Jen decided to spill the beans and tell her partner about her secret relationship with Ryan. Ryan wasn't exactly pleased that they were already revealed, but then he had no choice then but to tell his partner, Allison. Big mistake. Miss Allison is now jealous, 'cause she actually really liked Ryan, and by the end of the night, she was already talking about blowing Ryan's cover.

So Jen & Parker evicted Jacob & Sharon, then Alex & Amanda won HoH. Whoopi doo. The show is already pissing me off.

Now. Today's the dreaded V-day, I've already been put in a sucky mood thanks to last night's events, and I'm sick of everyone around this office being all sugary-sweet and lovey-dovey.

My romantic plans for tonight? I'm going to stop at the store after work and buy a bag of Skittles. Then I'm going to have supper with my mom & dad, as usual. Then I'm going to my basement to watch some really super-un-romantic movie, like maybe "Transformers". And then I'll watch Survivor.

Happy frickin' Valentine's Day.


priscilla said...

Oh Jill, try not to let it bother you so much. For most of us others Valentine's is just like any regular day. Chad and I have nothing romantic planned at all, everything is going on as usual, I'm making him supper and our tv is down again. Nothing romantic about that! And just think - at least you have a tv to watch!

Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Not to add to the barf factor, but Wayne drove down and had lunch with me, which was nice, but he had alterior motives to go and pick up siding on Bank St. So at least it wasn't really romantic.

We had a cupcake decorating contest at work. That was kind of fun... but not mushy.

PK did you watch coronation street with the fire last night?!?!?!

Jill said...

I was in a super-bad mood this morning when I wrote that Blog; I'm actually doing much better now. I've realized I'd rather be single than with a boy I don't want to be with. Hopefully someday I'll get to enjoy this dumb day, but for now, I'm dealing with it.

I hope you guys all have a good day with your sweethearts. :)

priscilla said...

Ya I saw the fire! And I just realized that I'm going to miss it tonight. Maybe I can get my brother to tape it. I was reading something about Claire coping with Freddy dying. Do you think the neighbour set it? I'm sure he will get blamed for it anyway.

Kathleen said...

yeah Jill you're right being single is better than being in a loveless lustless relationship. I work with a bunch of hags in training who have been shacked up since age 18 and only staying put because they are afraid to be alone or its easier to pay the rent as two. They won't stop complaining about their boyfriends.
Transformers was hilarious. I got drunk with one of my friends at Dollar Cinema and screamed at the movie and had a jolly good time. Oh and we invited Bo Neil, the middle aged drunk guy from our softball team. Good times.

Kathleen said...

olé olé olé lets see a blog for the first place tie in the East.

Jill said...

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Kathleen said...

I'm not holding my breath for a first place finish either but its nice to be tied for a bit when everyone picked the Habs for 13th place.