Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BB9 Ready to Roll

I was hoping to Blog today about a wonderful Sens win over the Buffalo Sabres last night, but we lost. 5-1. Not a whole lot more to say on that.

So lucky for all of you, the special winter season of Big Brother began last night! WOO-HOO!! As you all know, I love Big Brother, so I was super-pumped for the 9th season to start. This winter installment is called "Til Death Do You Part", and Big Brother is playing cupid. The idea is that they have 16 single people in the house, and they all completed personality tests before entering the house. They found the housemates most compatible based on these tests and paired them up. Each couple will share a bed, share strategies, share rewards, share power, and even share evictions.

I have to admit, at first I wasn't too keen on Big Brother playing God. Forcing complete strangers to unite and fight together, and also hopefully fall in love...Well, it seemed like they were pushing some boundaries a little too far.

However, then they introduced a few twists, and then I was hooked.

First, there's the exes. Two people within the house who used to date: Jacob & Sharon. Not only are they former flames, they were in a 12-year relationship, and broke up because Jacob was unfaithful to her once. When Jacob walked in the house and he & Sharon saw each other, it was obvious they were both completely shaken up. Several times, Jacob told the camera that Sharon was the love of his life and that he'd always regret his mistake. Sharon, on the other hand, fumed that they let her lying, cheating ex in the house and begged them not to pair them up.

Also in the house are Ryan & Jen, a couple who actually are in a relationship, but decided to keep that a secret from the rest of their housemates. Upon realizing that everyone else is single and that Big Brother would be pairing them up, both Ryan and Jen expressed that they desperately hoped they'd be put together, because playing the game apart would be hell. Particularly watching one another coupled up with someone else deemed to be their "soulmate".

So of course, Big Brother teamed up Jacob & Sharon, but split up Ryan & Jen. Things just wouldn't have been interesting if they hadn't!

I have to admit, I'm already rooting for Jacob & Sharon. For one thing, the boy is cu-uuuute!! And juding by their reactions upon seeing one another, there's still a lot of feelings and unfinished business between them. I'm hoping that sparks will start flying between them and they'll fall in love again, and that they can cap off their fairytale reunion by winning the game. Now, if they don't get along at all...That could be disappointing, but I guess it would also make for some good TV! Sharon was kind of dumb and told a few of the girls that Jacob was her ex, and when he found out she'd blabbed, he was none to pleased, as he feels (and I agree) that this puts a target on their backs right off the bat. However, I don't know how else Sharon could have explained to the girls why else she got all shaky and teary when Jacob walked through the door.

I also felt bad for Ryan & Jen getting split up; that's gotta be hard. Jen seems to be handling it best, completely ignoring Ryan and pretending that she can't get his name right. Ryan, on the other hand, isn't doing so well. For one thing, he's a terrible actor. He keeps gazing at her with this longing look, and he's also extremely jealous of her being paired up with paparazzo Parker. If he keeps it up, it won't be long before people realize that he knows her. Especially his teammate Allison, who claims to be a reformed gambling addict who is great at reading people. I wonder how long it will take her to read Ryan.

The other stand-out couple on premiere night was Adam & Sheila. He's a big beefy blonde with giant smoker's teeth, and she's a petite 46-year-old single mom who also happens to be a former model. She hates him, and he hates her. Absolutely no love between them, and neither can figure out how Big Brother pegged them as soulmates. I'm already betting they're the first voted out, if for no other reason than their negative vibes.

For me, there's a few good looking lads in the house to keep me happy - Jacob, of course, being one of them, but also Alex the DJ, and Matt, the dark-haired blue-eyed hottie. I also kind of liked James, the off-beat dude with a weird red 'do who has no money & has been bicycling around the country. He was paired up with Chelsia, who is a little off-beat herself and big into piercings. I had to laugh when Chelsia moaned about being paired up with James, saying, "I told big brother I liked bikes...But I meant the ones with motors, not pedals..."

Anyways, in the first Power Couple competition, the boys had to hang suspended in the air while they clung to the girls for dear life. Interesting way to get to know someone... Hard to maintian your personal space in that kind of situation, though, as Sheila & Adam quickly found out when he complained of her bad breath. Allison also had a little trouble with Ryan dripping sweat all over her - he was sweating profusely - but by the end of the competition, so were all the guys. Anyways, Jen & Parker ended up hanging there the longest, so they won the first Power Couple, and will be evicting another couple tonight. The only truly safe couple is Ryan & Allison, because there's no way Jen will allow her real-life boyfriend to leave the house under her watch.

Can't wait to see what happens tonight!!


priscilla said...

Have you watched Survivor Micronesia? Your beloved James is hooking up with Parvati.

Jill said...

Yep, watched it, and I hated that James is after "Poverty"...The dope. Although I ended up not hating her so much by the end of her last season, and she's one of my favourite girls this time around, so I guess it's OK for James to like her. ;)

Sharon said...

Well I was watching it with Wayne and it seems like there will be a lot more lovin' on this season.

priscilla said...

Sharon - I feel so sorry for Kirk, with Fizz dumping him like that. And the look on Ashley's face at the end of last night's show! That was great with Claire going off like that, she's always so nice and polite. And I don't think Lianne can keep her secret much longer. So you got your wish - you were rooting for Steve.

Sharon said...

Hey PK..... I know I thought about mentioning it but I haven't seen you on the Blog and I knew Jill wouldn't understand.

But yea that was great Claire ripping a peice off them... and I felt really bad for Kirk too. Fizz is going to end up with that teacher guy.

I am so happy for Steve and Michelle.

priscilla said...

I sent you an invite to join the Corrie group on facebook. But they discuss what's going on and they have pictures of magazine covers that tell what's going to be happening here in like 9 months(since we are that far behind). I didn't want to know that stuff, but it will be exciting when it comes!

Sharon said...

Yeah I go on Wikipedia and I have read all that's going to happen... And I am very excited about seeing it really happen lol.