Friday, January 04, 2008

The Blog Enters 2008

Well, it's a few days late, but Happy New Year to everyone in the Blogosphere!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday - I definitely did! 12 straight days of eating and sleeping and watching movies and just doing whatever I wanted. It was bliss!

However, now it's back to reality - back to work, and trying to rid myself of all the extra weight I put on (and then some). That is my only New Year's resolution for 2008 - LOSE WEIGHT. I went back and reviewed by Resolution Post from last year, and let's face it: I set myself up for a big fall with those lofty goals. There was no way I'd get skinny, get a boyfriend, get adventurous, and become a world-famous author all in one year. That's just not practical. So this year, I'm sticking with the basic "Drop 30 pounds" routine. If I did that, it would make me very, very happy. I think it's possible, as long as I remain disciplined and focused. We'll see how it goes...

Now, on the final night of my holidays, I went to see the movie PS I Love You...And ladies, if you haven't already, get your butts to the theatres ASAP, because I guarantee you'll love it. If anyone needs someone to go with them, call me. That's right, I loved it that much that I'd pay the big theatre bucks to see it again.

Two words: Gerard Butler. He's my first "find" of the year. I'd never heard of him before I saw the movie; now I love him. Now, it's no secret that he dies very early in the movie, but fear not - he re-appears in many "flashback" scenes and in his widow's visions throughout, so there's plenty of Gerry to be seen. Yum.

Now, as if one hot guy weren't enough...there's also substantial Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the flick. For those of you not familiar with the name, he played Denny Duquette in Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy, Izzie's patient whom she falls in love with and becomes engaged to, but then he dies. Now, I was big fan of his just from his stint on Grey's, and I wasn't sure it was possible for him to get any hotter. But...TA DA!! He does. In PS I Love You, he's a hunky Irish musician. Oh yes, that's the other thing - I now know that I want to marry a guy who is Irish. 'Cause apparently they're all amazingly handsome, great singers, and super-funny.

So PS I Love You is basically a quirky romantic comedy, you've all seen the trailers - a young woman loses her husband tragically, but before his death, he set up a system so that she would continue to receive letters from him throughout the year after he dies, to help her cope with the loss. Hilary Swank is wonderful as the grieving widow, and I also thought Lisa Kudrow was her wonderful off-beat self in the role of her best friend, Denise. There are lots of laughs, lots of tears (just try not to cry in the scene where Holly returns to the karaoke stage after Jerry's death), and some really great music too.

I may be no high-falootin' film critic, but I give it 5 stars. It's easily my most favourite movie in a long, long time.

So that's a wrap on the first Blog of '08. Cheers, gang!!


Stacy said...

Good blog Jill - glad to be back in the "blogger world" - i'm sure you'll lose the 30 lbs Jill - stick your mind to it and you will do it - if only Curves was still in Shawville...oh well - get back to walking, its going to be like +10 next week so get out there!
As for PS I Love You - i wanna go see that too - especially after your review...gotta go and see it!
Anyways talk to ya sometime this weekend I'm sure

Jill said...

Hey Stace - I'm glad you're back in the blogger world too! And like I said, if you need someone to go see the movie with, you know who to call!! lol...
I'll definitely see ya sometime this weekend. Talk to ya later.

Sharon said...

Yeah I want to see that movie as well.

Jill still waiting on the hockey blog regarding Wade's possible trade.

Jill said...

Huh? Wade's possible trade? Says who Wade's getting traded??

I don't pay much attention to trade rumours anyways. If I continued to get hyped up everytime I heard Wade's name mentioned in trade rumours, I'd be in an insane asylum. I don't pay any attention anymore.

Besides all that, I've still got my fingers crossed that he'll take a pay cut to stay here. Wade just seems like that kind of guy.

Sharon said...

Well it was a comment on the Christmas Blog, I don't know who wrote it, it was from anonymous.

Jill said...

Oh, lol...Yes, I did see that comment, I'm assuming it was Kathleen (she's a Habs fan) - no fear of Wade signing there, if he goes anywhere, I'm pretty sure it will be out West so he can be closer to his family.

Kathleen said...

Jill, why oh why would you fear Wade going to the Habs? Think of how close he'd be, only three hours away...and lets face it, the Habs are an up and coming team (FINALLY!!!) and they would benefit greatly from a top tier defenseman. yes I am not in the "Wade Is A Total Hunk Club" but wouldn't he look handsome in the blue white and red? *sigh* we could give you a goaltender not named Carey Price to help you with your problems there...oops.
And losing 30 pounds can be done. Eat your veggies and like mentioned earlier, get out there and walk.
oh I finally updated my browser, thats why I can post again.

Jill said...

Welcome back, Kathleen - glad to hear your browser is all updated & whatnot!
I suppose if I have to lose Wade, Montreal would be near the top of the list of teams I'd be OK with him leaving for. Mainly due to the close proximity; wouldn't be too hard to keep track of him in a Habs uni. But first choice remains keeping him in the Red-Black-'n'-Gold...I'm preparing myself for the worst, but still hoping for the best.

Sorry I didn't get a blog up today, guys, just too busy. And I had to switch up my Friday off for tomorrow instead, so I won't be blogging tomorrow either - I'll be back soon, though, I promise!

Kathleen said...

yeah Wade would be a good fit in Montreal. Picking up a defenseman like him would really put the team over the top. There's also been a rumour floating around that they will try to make a move for Ovechkin. I can only hope. that would be amazing, I'd probably cry.
Don't worry about Wade going to the Leafs. If he ever does that means he'll be washed up at that point because thats a pre-requisite to playing for the Leafs, you have to be all washed