Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When Will the Shrieky Cousins Die???

OK, girls and boys, it's gotta be a quickie today...I'm swamped!!

First off, my re-cap of the Amazing Race:

It was a 2-hour mega-episode, with teams getting so far spread out that some were beginning the second leg of the Race before others were finishing the first. I can't remember the exact sequence of events, so I'll just run through a few of the highlights.

Some of the teams were stuck waiting at a travel agency for better flights to open up to Warsaw, Poland than the one that was provided for them. Uchenna and Joyce, however, decided to call the agent rather than show up in person, and somehow the Blondes and Mirna & Schmirna convinced the agent to hang up on them! Hours later, most of those teams were able to secure earlier flights, while Team Guido and Eric & Dani were stuck with the flight provided. Even worse, they missed one of their connecting flights, putting them almost a full day behind the rest of the teams. One of the Guidos little nuts when he thought he could run outside and flag down a plane that was already starting to taxi out. Those same Guidos finished last in the first leg and were marked for Elimination.

One of the stops along the way had the teams landing at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, and it struck an emotional chord with all of them. They lit candles, said prayers, and it was one of those moments in the Race where they all seemed to gain a little perspective. And at this point, they all needed it.

There was also an Intersection on the second leg of the Race, when Teams had to pair up to complete a task. Uchenna & Joyce and Oswald & Danny took the Fast Forward and had to count a lot of steps, and they were then able to proceed to the mat, where they all landed in first, with Danny & Oswald giving up the prize to Uchenna & Joyce. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew were suiting up in armour for the Roadblock, where they had to guide a horse down a path before meeting up with Phil.

Mirna & Schmirna were having a tough time. First, they were completely frustrated by the Polish people who refused to speak to them. At last, they hit a country where people didn't like them shrieking at them with accents! I like those Polish people! Then, whichever one of them is the little one decided to dress up in the armour, and because the horse was walking faster than her, she just kept pulling it around in circles while doing a face-plant here and there. By this point, all the teams were starting to catch up, and I think the Blondes may have even passed them. Eric & Dani finished last, but because they were only a few moments behind the Guidos, they moved ahead into 5th place while the Guidos were eliminated thanks to their 30-minute penalty. I think it's best the old lads are gone, they were starting to go a little insane I think. However, there's no team that I hate more than Mirna & Schmirna - they gotta go next week!

So other than that, my weekend was spent at the arena where the Flying Elbows tournament was taking place. It was a lot of fun! I only wish I'd been there when Luke left to go get stitches on his chin wearing his full uniform and his head wrapped up in gauze! I hope you all had a great weekend, too!


Sharon said...

You also missed the big chainsaws vrs. elbows game which was excellent!

priscilla said...

So so much facebook. I don't have time to do anything else. I've got Jeremy on it now, and apparently my other brother is there too. I almost forgot to check the blog. And look for houses. And enter my codes on the Platinum Nation. And do some work so they at least know I am here. I just forget everything.

Jill said...

LOL...I hope someone warned you how addictive Facebook can be, PK! Today I've had to ignore it pretty much because I've had too much work to do, and if I get on there, I spend too much time goofing around!

Sharon: Yes, I heard the Chainsaws vs. Elbows game Saturday night was exciting! Luke's game on Sunday at 1 was also extremely exciting, seeing it went to OT with end-to-end rushes, and lots of great scoring chances for the Army!! It was a great weekend, I had so much fun!!