Monday, April 16, 2007

My Poor Wade

So the series between the Sens and the Pens now stands at 2-1 in our favour. They lost on Saturday when we were in attendance, of course, because they hardly ever win when I'm there. Fortunately, it wasn't Game 7 or anything like that. They bounced back well in Pittsburgh last night, taking it 4-2 on the strength of Captain Alfie's 2 second-period goals.

Things are going well. If they play like they did in Games #1 and #3 (and most of Game #2), then we should be OK.

There's only one thing throwing a damper on my playoff hype this Spring. And that is the fact that Wade Redden - my beloved Wade Redden - is not playing up to his capabilities. Truthfully, he hasn't played well for much of this season. He's battled injuries, and while he had a good stretch between Christmas and the All-Star Break, he has otherwise been a disappointment this season.

It takes a lot for me to admit that. I usually defend Wade up and down, all over the place. And when he's healthy, I'd still take him over any other D-man in this league. Yes, that's right. I'd take him ahead of guys like Chris Pronger and Scott Neidermeyer and Niklas Lidstrom.

Mainly because he's just so damn hot.

But so far in this young playoff season, Wade hasn't played well, and I can't deny it.

My dad's theory is that his partner, Andrej Meszaros, sucks, and Wade has spent much of this season trying to clean up the messes the young d-man makes. While he's been covering for Meszaros' mistakes, he's ended up wallowing in his own messes, and because he's the $6.5 Milllion Dollar Man, he's the one who ends up taking the heat in the sports pages and on sports talk radio.

For me, the sentimental sucker that I am, I have to think that this might be an emotional time for Wade, as these playoffs mark the one-year anniversary of his mother's death. It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since Pat Redden passed away, and her son ended up bouncing back and forth between his home in Lloydminster, Saskatchwan, and his team, who were in the midst of a Round 1 playoff with Tampa Bay. Wade Redden played some of his best hockey in that series, and while he missed one game to be with his family, he garnered First Star status in two of the other games, including the final game when the Sens beat out the Lightning, with his dad and brother watching on. So I believe it is entirely possible that Redden has had a rough year, mourning the loss of his mother, and now he's back in the playoffs again, a time of year that brings more sad memories than just the Senators' pre-mature elimination from many a Stanley Cup run.

This morning on the Team 1200, Steve Warne chalked it up to an injury. He (and many other members of the sports media surrounding the Sens) believe that Redden is currently playing through an injury, most likely another groin strain, and while this bumps him down the depth chart to a 5th or 6th d-man, an injured Wade Redden is apparently still better than a healthy Lawrence Nycholat.

Maybe so. But should the Sens go deep into these playoffs (God willing!), how long can this poor man go on?? Will he not eventually need to take some time off to heal? Will "forcing it" not cause more damage? Isn't it better that he take a seat now and get better while guys like Joe Corvo and Tom Preissing have elevated their games, taking some of the pressure off of him?

Or is it about Wade Redden proving that he can fight through this and be a factor for the Sens? Maybe it's about not wussing out and playing through the pain. After all, those are the guys who get recognized as the playoff warriors. Got a broken arm? Who cares! Score 3 goals, dammit! Sprained your ankle? Ice it, you pussy, and get out there!

Clearly, either Wade Redden or the Senators' medical staff feel this is an injury he can play through (if it is, in fact, an injury). If so, I really hope he starts playing better, because I just can't take all this heat from the media. He's my boy. He's the reason I love hockey. He's why I love the Sens as much as I do.

Whatever the case, I know he can be better than he has been. And I truly believe that he can dig deep and overcome whatever it is that has been holding him back.

Because when it comes right down to it, this team needs him.



Sharon said...

Awesome blog Jill.

Sorry I didn't get your message saturday. I left the house at 6:30 saturday morning and didn't get home until 6:00 that night. I would have given you the jersey had I gotten the message. Sorry buddy.

Today's drive in was ridiculous. People don't seem to thing there is any snow on the highway and they were zipping by at top speeds. There was a truck in the gulley along the 4-lanes and I second guessed going any further... but ventured on into the storm that just kept getting worse and hasn't let up since I got to work. If it continues, I plan on leaving 1 hour early. I just can't handle the stress of someone possibly hitting. No matter how coutious I am... the other asshole behind me is being stupid.


Sarah said...

Jill - great blog today!
Dont blame yourself for saturdays lost - even though they lost, it was still fun being there! They kicked it up a few notches last night and beat those damn birds..( is a penguin a bird?) I kept thinking about those annoying fans behind us making that stupid noise - I was like take that and shove that noise up your ass! BOUHA!

I hope our boys can keep it up and play like they want it, blocking shots, hard hits and some damn good goals!


Jill said...

Sharon: I figured you were out & about on Saturday, no worries! I didn't even think about needing a red jersey until Luke decided he was stopping at Chris' to get his, and then I thought I'd take a stab at getting one too...But oh well, there were lots of black jerseys, and I shook my red pom-pom like there was no tomorrow! :)

Hope you make it home safely tonight! Drive CARFULLY!!

Sarah: You're right, the game was a blast, and well worth the price we paid to be in the midst of that excitement! I only wish I'd be near those annoying French Penguin fans last night so we could go "BRRRRRRR" in their ears!


Jill said...

Kenny's comment:

Jill I loved today's blog. I am so glad you were able to come to your senses (I think its spelt like that) on Redden's poor play. I wouldn't doubt that he is injured as it looks like he has trouble turning. I also don't disagree that he take a rest. He is in no way affecting the outcome of the game in Ottawa's favour so with him taking a rest to heal I don't think it would hurt Ottawa what so ever. We do need him down the road

Sarah said...

Jill - I found the BE RED song.

Then click "The Durtz" link to launch.

He said BE RED
She said BE RED