Thursday, April 05, 2018

Another Nice Weekend Ahead

A week ago, I was gearing up for an Easter weekend that seemed like the perfect balance of rest-and-relaxing, and time spent with family.  It was truly marvelous!  Now here I am, staring down another unexpected long weekend (as I mentioned yesterday, the boys in the office told me to take one more Friday off due to the colder weather this week) - and while there's no holiday involved, this weekend is going to be much the same as last: a nice mix of everything.

My weekend starts tonight, as it is our last night of playoffs for curling.  I'm planning to run up to Shawville early to do some groceries.  We play late tonight, so I'll have lots of time. Two of our players are away on vacation, so my friends Sue & Adam are filling in, and I'm sure we'll have lots of fun!  Looking forward to it.

Tomorrow my plans are to do not much of anything!!  I'm declaring it a Netflix, reading & crocheting day.  I'm working my way through the final season of Scandal, I started the book "A Kind Worth Killing" last night and I'm really enjoying it, and I am getting close to finishing the blanket I'm working on, so all three of these relaxing and enjoyable jobs should keep me busy throughout the day.  Friday evening is book club, which is always a fun night out visiting with the ladies. Very much looking forward to that.

Saturday is shaping up to be another great day.  I have a birthday party to attend late morning, but otherwise no other plans. Maybe more Netflixing?  Maybe go to the movies?  My niece Danica has been wanting to see A Wrinkle In Time and it might be a good opportunity to take her.  I'm also really interested in seeing John Krasinski's new movie A Quiet Place, but not sure I can rope a friend into coming with me.  It's definitely not one I can take Danica to LOL!  If it ends up just being another Netflix evening, I'm totally okay with that.  I really want to soak up the downtime this weekend.

Sunday will be church, and I also need to put the finishing touches on an evaluation for our student minister.  I'm part of his supervision committee and we need to submit his year-end evaluation by Monday.  We already have it written, but I'm just waiting to hear from the rest of the committee if there are any changes or revisions to make before we submit it.  Once that is done, I will feel so relieved. 

And then Monday... it's back to work!!  Full time!!  It will be tough to drag my butt out of bed that first morning, and it's always a bit of a struggle to readjust to a five-day work week, but hey.  I've been doing it for 14 years, I should be used to it by now right? haha!  It's time, and I'm excited about the busier spring environment.  Bring it on!!

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