Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The End-of-Summer Blahs

I touched on it yesterday's post, but this week... man, this week has got to be my least favourite week of the year.

School is starting again.  Summer is winding down.  I always get this icky feeling in my stomach for a few days around this time of year.  It feels like it might be worse this year, and I think that's because I feel like we didn't get much of a summer.  The weather was shoddy, I'm not sure we ever had a +30 degree day (with humidity we did - but not many), and it just seems to have flown by so fast.

Also, I didn't have a good sleep last night.  Probably not helping matters.  I fell asleep on the couch watching TV around 8-8:30 - which is a bad habit that I wish I could break - and then woke up at 10:30.  I moved to my bed, and while browsing on my phone, I came across an email that gave me too much to think about at a time when I needed to shut my brain off - not get it all wound up and churning again.  *sigh*  Oh, and I had heartburn. The world was just working against me, obviously.

The End-of-Summer Blahs. I get 'em every year.  Nothing seems to make it better. Not looking back on fond memories made in the sun, not looking ahead to fun things to come, not even the anticipation of Shawville Fair which is coming up this weekend.  (Truth be told, I greet Fair time each year with severe mixed emotions - it's always a fun weekend, yet at the same time, the last taste of summer: bittersweet.)

Seriously though, why am I always so sad when summer draws to an end? I LOVE fall.  And after fall comes my favourite season of all - WINTER!  I look ahead to the coming days with great joy and excitement.  I've waxed poetic about all of my favourite fall things: cozy clothes, cuddling up inside as the air gets colder, crunching colour leaves beneath my feet, making soups and sauces and baking treats, spooky movies, a long-awaited trip with friends, and I'm also excited about two Netflix shows coming up: Fuller House at the end of September and Stranger Things as the end of October.  Not to mention, Scary Movie Marathon, always a highlight on my calendar!

 ...and then, awaiting that first snowfall... my magical time of year, it is just around the corner...

Just have to get through these End-of-Summer Blahs first.

I've had days much worse than this.  And I know I just kind of have to hold my breath and wait for this week to pass.  It will all get better soon.

I'll be hanging in there until then...

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Rev. Nancy Best said...

Hopefully fun at the fair will cheer you up!!