Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday 13: What I'm Into Lately

Hey folks!  Sorry for the lack of posting lately... I have ideas!  Lots and lots of blog post ideas!!  But, the days come and the days go and no blog posts to be found...

Today, though, I'm making myself post something.  Taking the lead from incognitusscriptor and going with a Thursday 13 of  what I've been enjoying lately...

  1. Prison Break.  Oh, I know, you've all heard me ramble about this show before.  So I promise not to get too into it now.  But I really do think this is my favourite show of all time.  I watched it several years ago and got so infatuated with it.  I was eating, drinking, sleeping Michael Scofield for weeks.  I didn't think I'd get so would up about it again the second time around, but... I did.  I am.  Just as obsessed as the first time I watched it.  I think I'm appreciating it even more this time. Already dreading it ending again... 
  2. The Beach Boys.  I fell pretty hard for the Beach Boys when I was in college.  We used to listen to their music at the apartment and dance around to it.  I went through a big retro phase around that time - thanks in large part to my friend Sara - immersing myself in Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Beach Boys around that time... I was a big Dennis Wilson fan.  (and yes, I'm aware that he's dead.  Didn't matter.)  Anyways, I had kind of lost touch with my Beach Boys over the years, until recently, when Sara loaned me Mike Love's autobiography, Good Vibrations.  I'm about half-way through the book and it has once again fanned my flames for their music.  I downloaded a Greatest Hits compilation off iTunes with 50 of their best songs, and I'm listening to it steady.  Current faves: "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Do It Again", "Rock & Roll Music", and "Sail On, Sailor".  LOVE!!!
  3. Poutine.  I don't know what the heck is wrong with me these days.  Remember super-healthy Jill?  The girl who loved quinoa and sweet potatoes and Asian pears?  Well, now she loves poutine, and only poutine.  Lots of poutine.  I eat wayyyyy too much of this Canadian delicacy.  And I need to stop it, ASAP.  But not today.  It's National French Fry Day, after all. ;)

  4. Fruit Salad.  Gotta balance out that poutine with something a little bit healthy, right?  Inspired by my friend Sharon, who had a big bowl of it on hand last week when I visited her, I made myself a giant bowl of fruit salad to keep in the fridge for snacking this week.  I made it with pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes, and added Sharon's "secret ingredient" (vanilla pudding mix combines with the juices to create a delightful light glaze), and YUM!  Easy summery treat.
  5. Reading on the deck.  I truly do get a simple pleasure from a sunny day on the deck, reading a book.  I got through a big chunk of that Beach Boys book I mentioned earlier on the deck Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, deck time has been sparse as we're in the midst of a cool and wet summer around here.  But that makes me enjoy those relaxing times when they do come around, even more!
  6. The current colour of my nails.  Last night, Danica demanded I give her a manicure with the new nail polish Grandma let her pick out and buy while out shopping.  I loved it so much, I put it on my own fingers.  A delightfully summery shade of coral pink.
  7. I'm enjoying the anticipation of upcoming days off.  Next Wednesday, Lindsay and I are making a whirlwind trip to Montreal to see Ed Sheeran perform, something I've been looking forward to for months.  Ed is on my bucket list.  So glad I'm going to finally see him live!!  Then, at the end of the month I'll be off for a week's vacation, and even though plans are very much up in the air this year, I'm just looking forward to being off.  No alarms.  No rushing.  I'm craving a little break.
  8. Scoring deals.  Like, for Tupperware that I normally find too expensive... I've picked up quite a few pieces of Tupperware that I normally find way too expensive through some girls who are selling it locally and offering amazing prices from time to time.  I know it's worth it - my mom still has and uses many of the items she got a million years ago - but I can't rationalize it unless it's a screaming deal.  Also, a Scensty sale this week had me ordering a few new warmers.  Do I need them?  Definitely not.  But I couldn't turn down those $54 warmers on sale for less than $20!!
  9. Wildflowers.  Don't ask my why, but I'm delighting in seeing the colourful wildflowers growing in the ditches along the road I walk at lunch time.  I keep stopping to take pictures of them.  And then I'm like, "Jillian. They are weeds.  Get over it."  But... they're pretty weeds.  And they remind me of the wildflower painting I did this spring with Shannon. :)
  10. Going for ice cream.  It's one of those simple summer pleasures.  I haven't actually gone lately, but knowing it's just down the road, and any evening can result in a trip for ice cream...well, it makes me happy.
  11. Throwback Thursday photos.  On Father's Day, I sat down with some old family photo albums and made copies on my phone of some of my favourite old photos.  I've been having fun going through them each week and picking my #tbt.   Today's makes me giggle - an old photo of my dad with my cousin's pet goat, Marvin.  (at least, I think his name was Marvin.)  Marvin, a true mountain goat, used to walk along the windowsills of the house.  Moments after this photo was taken, Marvin stepped down onto the lid of the BBQ and peed all over it. Needless to say, that night's supper plans were ruined... LOL!
  12. Chips.  OK, so I love chips all the time, but I'm realizing lately how deep my appreciation is for basic, classic chip flavours.  I used to be all about "trying new chips", but now I just want my old, all-time faves.  Plain ruffles with dill pickle dip.  Or Dill Pickle flavour.  Salt & Vinegar.  Ketchup is about as wild as I want to get now.  Mmmm....chips...

  13. Zumba Country!  I haven't been doing well on the exercise front lately. It's been the summer of sloth and laziness.  So on a whim, I picked up a Zumba Country DVD, hoping it would encourage me to get my butt moving again.  I just got it on Tuesday, and already super happy with it.  I've been a Zumba fan for years, but I'm really liking the country twist.  Sort of like really fast line-dancing. haha!  So fun!
Happy Thursday, my chums!

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Nicole said...

THe Zumba sounds like fun. The fruit sounds delicious, and I'm kind of envious about going to see Ed Sheeran