Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sickies

I stayed home yesterday because I was sick. I was not impressed.  I do NOT get sick!!!  Like, ever.  The odd sinus headache, a few minor colds over the years, but in general, I don't get sick.  So yeah... I was not a happy camper.

The only thing I can say is it was the "good" kind of sick.  And by that, I mean that I wasn't throwing up.  I think I've mentioned here before that I have an incredible fear of vomit - my own, or other's.  Just typing the word gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Seeing someone else get sick can literally ruin my entire day.  There was an incident last winter when I was at Boston Pizza with my family and I happened to be sitting in a position that allowed me to witness a child getting sick at the table.  No one else saw it happen (thank God) but my dinner - and day - was ruined.  Felt bad for the kid, but... yuck.  Took me a long time before I could even go into Boston Pizza again after that.  The only other person I've ever known who has the same fear and anxiety over it is my friend Stacy's daughter, Maddy.  When Stace talks about how upset Maddy gets when someone else in their home is sick, I can totally relate.  I know that nobody likes it, but  I do believe that Maddy and I literally fear it.

So, anyways... my apologies for that gross little paragraph.  The point of it all was that I wasn't "that" kind of sick.  I literally think my body knows that I hate getting sick "that" way so it just doesn't allow it to happen.  (Unless I drink too much wine.  Then it has no control over it.)

The main indicator that something was wrong with me?  My stomach felt so blech that I didn't want to eat.  Like, at all.  And if Jill doesn't want to eat, then we know we have a serious problem.  I had a few sips of coffee in the morning, but most of it went down the drain.  I forced a few bites of brown rice and a banana at lunchtime, just because I knew I had to eat something.  I planned to have the same for supper but thoughts of it made me cringe.  I made up some Jello, and then decided on Kraft Dinner for supper because nothing else sounded appealing.  I only had one little bowl.  Even  my beloved cold water, which I down like a drug on any other day, was ignored for the most part.  Just reaching for the cup seemed to be too unappealing.  

This is EXTREMELY abnormal for me, folks.

I was weak, I was lethargic, and I feel like I slept all day.  Literally.  I'd muster up the energy to put on a DVD, and then I'd sleep through the movie.  I'd find a daytime talk show that I normally don't get to watch, and then I'd sleep through it.  I made myself sit up and start reading "Wuthering Heights", but I don't think I got through a paragraph before I'd fallen asleep.  At one point I'd decided the couch was not comfortable enough, so I moved back up to my bed to watch a movie there, and dun-dun-dun, asleep in minutes.  I forced myself several times to sit up and do some adult colouring, if for no other reason than to say I did something other than sleep.

It was so bad that I was sure I would be wide awake all night considering all the time I spent sleeping during the day, but as it turns out, it wasn't a problem at all.  I slept right through the night, no problemo.

This morning, I woke to my alarm and I instantly recognized that I felt much better.  I suppose almost 24 straight hours of sleep will do that?  I got up and did a light workout, and it was then that I realized that even though the tummy issues had settled down, I still didn't have much energy.  Just getting through a non-strenuous half-hour walk/jog DVD was a struggle.  Also, food still holds no appeal.  I keep thinking of all that stuff I prepped on Monday that I was so proud of, and excited to eat.  It's sitting in containers in my fridge, and I have absolutely ZERO desire to eat it.  Those Mexican burrito bowls I was going to try out for suppers this week - well, just the thoughts of it makes me want to cringe.

I'm back at my desk, because I think if I slept another whole day, I might be clinically dead.  The worst is over.  Here's hoping my appetite comes back soon, because food is the joy of my life, and without it... well, let's just say I need to get excited when I think about pizza or else things just aren't right in the world.

Pizza. BLEH.  Yeah, obviously still not 100%.

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Debbie Johnston said...

Hope you feel better soonJill. I know what you mean about Maddy being afraid ofp----- I feel so sorry for her when she see someone else not feeling well, because she thinks thats what they are going to do. Hope she gets over that fear and you to. Have a good day