Friday, May 08, 2015

Confession… It’s good for the soul!

Friday is here!  Hallelujah!!

But before the weekend fun can begin, we need to confess… It’s been a REALLY long time for me, I’m due!

I confess… that as much as I love the nicer weather & the fun that comes with it, there’s a very big part of me that longs for the quiet hibernation that winter has taken away with it.  I really am a bit of a hermit.

I confess… that losing McDreamy didn’t bother me as much as I would have.  Lots of people have dropped off from watching Grey’s over the years, as their favourite characters leave the show – George, Izzie, Christina, Sloan, now Derek.  But I’m still hanging in there.  The day Alex goes, though?  I’m OUT!


I confess… that I would give my right arm for a big bowl of ice cream.  With peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and honey.  Just the thoughts make me drool.

ice cream sundae

I confess… that the other major craving of my life right now is kind of a weird one, but it’s for a homemade cheeseburger and deep-fried crinkle-cut french fries.  My mom used to make that on that on the odd occasion when I was a kid – the deep fryer especially was a rare occurrence.  I don’t think she’s had that deep-fryer out in a million years.  It always smelled so good at the time, but when your house smells like deep-fryer for two days afterwards, not so much… Still, that’s the craving du jour!

burger and fries

I confess… that it is really hard to get myself back on track with healthy eating when I keep getting hit with these silly junk food cravings. urgh.

I confess… I couldn’t believe how big my nephew Noah had gotten over the past few weeks when I saw him on Wednesday.  Luke & Amanda kept telling us he was eating lots and getting chunky, but I didn’t really believe them.  He is SO cute :)

Noah May 2 2015

I confess… that I don’t even like to think about it, but it was a year ago tonight that I summer-saulted out of bed and thought I broke my neck.  I pray that history does NOT repeat itself.

I confess… that I really miss watching Sens hockey.  I got so caught up in it from February on, that it really does feel like a piece of me is missing now.  And no, watching other teams does not help.

sens 2015 2

I confess… that I let my feelings get hurt too easily.  The smallest thing that really means nothing can cause me to fuss and fume over it for way too long.  I really need to get me a thicker skin.

I confess… that even though I’m not a mom, I am still very much looking forward to Mother’s Day – I guess because I always enjoy time with family, and I look forward to toasting my wonderful Mom!  I am a lucky kid!


Wishing you all a Happy Friday, and to those of you out there who ARE Moms – enjoy your weekend!!  Happy Mother’s Day!!


Stacy said...

Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself...BE CAREFUL!

Stacie said...

Maybe you should sleep on the couch tonight just to be safe.....

Nancy said...

Stay safe!

Nicole said...

So you know, I'm a big Alex fan myself. Over the years I've wanted to beat him but lately, he's a pretty good guy!