Friday, October 08, 2010

Playing Tag

So apparently all my friends in the Blogosphere have decided to play tag. First, I was tagged by Lindsay at A Small Town Kind of Life to answer a set of questions, and then I was tagged by Stacy at Stacy's 101 List to answer a different set of questions. I won't be tagging anyone else since, between Linds & Stace, I think they've tagged all my Blog friends! haha!

But I will answer their questions, so here it goes:

From Lindsay...

1. If you were stuck on a desert island, what 4 items would you bring with you?
- My Blackberry...'cause I don't go anywhere without it, and it would provide contact to the outside world, a camera, and music! ;)
- My guitar
- A toothbrush
- Paper & a pen

2. What is your favorite thing to do when you have nothing to do?
I love watching movies, and when there's nothing else going on, that's usually where you'll find me - on the couch or at the theatre, with popcorn, watching a movie!

3. What is your best asset?
Eeek...hate this question...not sure I have a "best asset". My writing abilities? lol

4. What is your favorite restaurant and why?
I have lots of favourite restaurants, but all-time? I'd have to say Kelsey's. Since discovering their 4 Cheese Spinach Dip, I've been to Kelsey's a hundred times! :)

5. What do you prefer, fancy night out on the town or movie/chips at home?
Fancy night? I'm not a fancy kind of girl - so I'll take the movie and chips (and dip!) at home any day!!

6. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
ANY where in the world? Definitely Ireland. That's my dream...

7. What is the number 1 thing on your Christmas list this year?
Honestly, haven't thought about it. A laptop. HAHA! Not a chance!!

8. What is your favorite holiday (which holiday and why) activity?
Well, it has always been Christmas - specifically Christmas Eve...But this year (and every year from now on) will be different, since two important people will be missing. I'm worrying about Christmas this year, about what it will be like and how I will feel, and how my family will get through it. We're fortunate at our house to have Caden & Danica, because Christmas really is about the kids, and I'm sure they will bring us great joy!!

Aside from that - my favourite part has always been the party at Patti's, the singing and the laughter and the Coconut Song. And I hope that we can continue that.

From Stacy...

1. What is your favorite thing to cook?
I'm just really getting into a cooking and baking groove these days, but my all-time favourite is still spaghetti sauce!

2. What is your favorite TV show and why?
A tie - between Friends and Grey's Anatomy. I have all seasons of both on DVD, and both make me laugh in completely different ways!

3. If you had a $10,000 shopping spree to anywhere, where would you pick and why?
Oh geez...this is lame, but can I say Wal-Mart? LOL

4. What song are you likely to sing at karaoke in a bar?
hahaha...we just discussed this last Friday night...and Sarah & I decided that "Any Man of Mine" is a perfect way to crank a Karaoke party up!! I also love to do Bobby McGee (with Vikk)!!

5. If you could take any kind of class, what would you take and Dance/Art/Photography?
Either painting or a photography class. I wish I was more crafty... But I love to dance too, so if I was in better shape I'd probably want to look into some kind of fun dance class!

6. What is one thing that you couldn't live without and why?
Tough one...In fact, really tough I'm going to take the easy out, without getting emotional about stuff like pictures or my guitar, and say my TV! haha! You know people who challenge themselves by not watching TV for a week? No way I could do that!!!

7. What is your favorite season and why?
I love all seasons at their time, but I'm a big fan of snow and cold and Winter is definitely my favourite season :)

8. What is your favorite color and why?
Ooohh...I always answer "Yellow" to this colour, because it's such a sunshiney colour, but truthfully? Red, Black & Gold baby. GO SENS GO!!

Okay. Phew. Done playing tag for a while!! Happy Friday & Happy Thanksgiving!!

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