Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get-Away to Midland

After the sadness and unexpected good-byes that the end of July and early August brought my family, there was nothing I needed more than a get-away.

Time to just go. Leave Quyon. Get as far away as possible, and do things that occupied my mind and made me forget, just a little, about the horrible weeks that had just passed.

Thankfully, I already had my holidays booked to accompany the Quyon COMBAT Flyers on their trip to the ISC Tournament of Champions in Midland, Michigan. We left early the morning after Troy's funeral, and even though my worry-wart heart was burdened at the thoughts of leaving home and family so soon, it was exactly what I needed.

For a full week, I had nothing to do but hang out in the hotel room, sleep in til 10 AM every day, go swimming, shopping, eat junk, drink Mike's Harder Lemonade, and watch some pretty amazing fastpitch softball.

The Opening Ceremonies

It helped that during the week I was surrounded by great people who made sure we all had lots of fun. The Flyers are a tight-knit group, and when all together, you can count on a good time. There is photo evidence of a hotel room party and a parking lot flip cup competition to back that statement up! Along with the girlfriends, wives, and kids that came along, it made for an awesome crew, and I think I can speak for us all when I say it was a memorable trip.

And on the field? A not-too-shabby result. The Flyers won their first game in the tournament, but then dropped three in a row, and were bumped to the ISCII bracket. Once there, they handily beat a team from Frankenmuth, Michigan, the Kitchener Outlawas, and Maccabi USA, bringing them to the semi-finals vs. the Wellington Sox. It was there that the Flyers bowed out of the tournament, losing 6-1 to the eventual ISCII Champions. They ended up in third place in the ISCII and improved upon their #29 ranking heading into the tournament, as they moved up a few spots to #27.

Overall, it was a wonderful week spent with great friends at the ball park. Thanks to the Flyers for letting the girls tag along this time - it was exactly what I needed!

Tonight, the Flyers will be heading to Carp to continue their semi-final series in the GOFL against the I4C Victory. The Flyers lost a close one on Tuesday night in Quyon, 1-0. It's do-or-die tonight.


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Lindsay said...

Glad you are home! I missed you!! xo