Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Much Going On!!

It's been awhile since I've been on to update...Here's the scoop on the Quyon COMBAT Flyers: They are currently playing Team Easton in the GOFL semi-finals, with the best-of-five series tied at 2 games apiece. Last night, they had the opportunity to put the final nail in Easton's coffin, but unfortunately, they ended up losing 2-0. Due to injuries from an accident over the weekend, catcher Joe McCleary is out of the line-up, and the Flyers would really like to win this for him. The final game of the series goes tonight in Carp at 8 PM - should be a good one!

Still with the sports - the Ottawa Senators started their pre-season last night, opening up with a 3-1 loss to the Florida Panthers. Sens fans had their first peek at new goaltender Pascal Leclaire, who was acquired last season at the trade deadline; however, due to injuries, he was unavailable to play until now. Considering the guy hasn't seen NHL action since last January, and was replaced half-way through the second last night by Robin Lehner, I would say no one should be jumping to conclusions about Leclaire's capabilities based on his first appearance in net this year. Once he settles in and gets some more action, we'll see what this guy is all about.

On Saturday, the Senators finally got rid of the summer-long circus that was Dany Heatley. The former fan favourite had demanded a trade, and became one of the biggest hockey villains this city had ever seen - right up there with the likes of Alexei Yashin and Ray Emery. It's such a relief to no longer have to listen to and read about the Heatley Saga. Shipping him off to San Jose in exchange for Jonathan Cheechoo and Milan Michalek might not have improved the talent on this team, but it got rid of a cancer in the dressing room and one of the biggest egos in the NHL. Farewell, Dany, hope I never have to hear your name mentioned again!!

In other news, the death of actor Patrick Swayze at age 57 is in all the entertainment headlines this week. Swayze passed away Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. I had heard of his health struggles, but for some reason, I was still shocked to learn of his death. How many times have I watched Dirty Dancing and Ghost, and literally drooled over the man? Doesn't seem right that he's gone... Once again, another star has left too soon.

And last but not least...Yes, I did it. I got tickets to Kings of Leon. I swore I wasn't spending any more money on concerts this year, but the temptation was too great!! The concert is tomorrow night at SBP, and I can't wait!! I'll be sure to give a re-cap on Friday. :)


Sharon said...

Mom says she will have to watch some Patrick Swayze movies in his memory lol... but she also commented that every time she sees him in a romantic scene kissing, she doesn't think he looks like he's that great of a kisser... yeah... because you can tell by watching. That's Cynthia for ya!

Jill said...

That's too funny! I think it was your mom who told me once that Tom Cruise looked like he kissed like a chicken...She must really pay attention to these things! LOL

Kathleen, yo! said...

I don't know how Heatley goes from hero to villain so quickly. Like the whole thing with Emery I think there is much, much more to this story. I thought we were quick to crucify here in Montreal but you guys take the cake. you had better be nice to Kovy these next two years.

Jill said...

I know how Heatley goes from hero to villain so demanding a trade out of a city that has literally treated him like a king since day 1. And by whining that he wasn't getting enough ice time and that his role was diminished by a coach that finally had this team looking up for a change. And by hiding out for months like a chicken. Quick to crucify? I think not. He deserved every bit of backlash and venom he got this summer. Good riddance.

Kathleen said...

lol, I'm pretty sure Heatley wanted to keep the whole thing quiet but Murray leaked it. Like he did with Wade and then everyone got on the I Hate Wade Bandwagon. I don't mind though, I was sick of him scoring against the Habs all the time so I say good riddance as well.