Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just Me & the Girls...

It's not very often that I admit to being wrong. I hate admitting that I'm wrong, so usually, even if I am, I rarely confess to it.

When it comes to pop culture, I think I've got a pretty keen eye. In music, movies, television, etc. - I can usually tell the winners from the losers. The hits from the misses.

A few times, I can honestly say I was wrong.

For instance, I argued with a college friend years ago that Garth Brooks carried more clout and would be more legendary one day than Johnny Cash. Hooooooo boy. That one's a little embarassing to look back on.

With that same college friend, I cringed when she used to say Elvis was sexy. I thought, "How can you say that about an old dead guy?" Well. Everyone knows how I fell in love with the King a few years back myself. And I can now honestly say I have drooled over many an old photo of him, back in his young, virile days. Yowzers.

And then there was my initial distaste for Joaquin Phoenix. Lately, with this new hobo rapper look he's going for (whether it's a gimmick or not, it's still icky), I might banish him back to the pooper again yet. But for a few years there - during his Walk the Line, Ladder 49, Signs, The Village, and We Own the Night glory days - I was one of his biggest fans. If anyone had told me that at one time, I would've laughed.

Okay, so you get the picture? Sometimes...sometimes - I make mistakes. (But they are few and far between.)

In recent months, I've realized another big thing I almost missed out on.

Just this little show called Sex and the City...

I remember distinctly, on several occasions, Sharon trying to impress upon me how great the show was and how much I'd love it if I just gave it a chance. I curled up my nose, told her it wasn't my kind of thing. I saw a few snippets of it here and there, but it never caught my full attention or pulled me.

Six whole seasons of the show came and went, and I didn't consider myself the least bit deprived for having missed that boat. I didn't think I had any sort of connection to those four 30-something women looking for love in the Big Apple. I didn't think I could relate to them at all, and the whole show sounded silly to me.

Then, along came the summer of 2008, and suddenly, Sex and the City was back, and hotter than ever - this time, on the big screen. A group of my friends set up a dinner & movie night, and I went along, even though that was the flick they were dying to see. I was assured that even though I didn't know the back-story, it wouldn't hinder me from enjoying the movie.

They were right. While I had very little prior knowledge of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, I found I could very easily slide into their world and get caught up in their lives. I loved that movie. Absolutely loved it.

I loved it so much that I asked for the DVD for Christmas. After watching it a second time, I decided I didn't want to miss out on the original six seasons of the show after all.

God Bless TV shows on DVD.

Over the holidays, I went out and bought Season 1. I'll admit, I thought at first it was a mistake. It took me a long time to get through that first season. It wasn't nearly as witty or sexy or fun as I thought it would be, judging from the whirlwind of excitement that the movie was.

But I reminded myself, having already collected all ten seasons of Friends, how going back, the first season was my least favourite of the show. Had I stopped there, just think of all the awesome Friends moments I would've missed out on. I decided to give Sex and the City another chance. After all, I had already started. I couldn't just stop after the movie and Season 1, right?

So I found Season 2 a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart, on sale for $15.00 = bonus! Took it home, started watching...And suddenly, that's it. I'm hooked! I finished Season 2 yesterday, after a few marathon sessions of watching 3 or 4 episodes in one shot. I very much looked forward to those couple of hours that I could sit down with my remote and hang out with the girls for a few episodes, to see what romantic hi-jinx they were up to now.

It was with great sadness that last night, I watched the final episode of Season 2. I don't have the third season yet, so until I can get out to a store, I'm stuck, wondering what's going to happen next.

Well, not really. Having already seen the movie, I sorta know how it all ends.

But finding out what led them to that point? I just can't wait to get all the filler. To figure out what paths they took that led them to that final chapter.

I'm so happy that I allowed myself to get swept up in the Sex and the City hype. Sorry that it took me so long, but proud of myself for giving in to it.

And just one more little thing I can say I was wrong about. ;)


kenny said...

finally a blog.....While I am not a Sexin the City fan, being the nice guy I am, I sat down last Friday night with Meghan and watched the movie. I must say for a chick flick or whatever you want to call it I didn't find all that bad. The best were obviously when the blonde (samantha I think) would watch her neighbour bang on all the hot naked chicks next door

Jill said...

Impressive, Kenny - good little boyfriend to watch that with Meghan. Although, I'm thinking a lot of guys actually would enjoy the show too - it's not all fluffy girl stuff - pretty edgy at times! Somehow, it doesn't surprise me you enjoyed those Samantha-peeping-on-the-neighbour scenes... ;)

Kathleen said...

yo I'm sayin'

Sharon said...

YEY Jill!!! Welcome to our world of SATC lovers.

And Kenny, you would love the show, it's full of those steamy scenes! The TV versions are pretty well sensored, but the DVD's are great.

Wayne will hate me for saying this, but he actually knows some story lines and all the characters HA.

Jill, you can borrow season 3 from me if you would like. I am not watching it right now.

And it would give you an excuse to come and check out the house, it's looking quite impressive these days.

Anonymous said...

May I also remind you of your past hate for my favorite Rascall flatts??? :-) Just thought i'd mention it.