Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heading into the All-Star Break on a High Note

No. The Blog has not become a monthly thing. I'm still here, still trying to find time to write, still waiting for a brain-wave to hit me with a brilliant topic.

But the idea bank has been a little dry lately; a little empty. I've been less-than-inspired thus far in '09.

Not that things are bad...In fact, I'm back on a regular excercise routine, going to both Karate and the gym. My TV shows are all back in action after the Christmas hiatus, and I've been especially pleased with Grey's Anatomy. (Looks like we're finally getting rid of Denny, and the whole "serial killer" twist has kept me interested). I've seen some good movies, had some really good times (the pictures on Facebook lately provide evidence), and had lots of fun playing with Caden and Danica.

So why has the Blog been decidedly blah?

I still trace it back to my pathetically putrid Sens. In looking back on the past few years, it would appear, at least during the winter months, that my post-game re-caps and hockey-related blogs were among the most popular - at least, most commented-upon. This year, without Wade, and with them pretty sucky, I haven't had the heart to dissect them and try to figure out what's gone wrong.

Fortunately enough for them, and for us, they seem to be picking up their socks a little lately, particularly since goalie Martin Gerber was sent to the minors and the Baby Sens' 'tender, Brian Elliott, assumed the role of #1 up in the bigs. Two wins last week, then an OT loss to Montreal on the weekend, followed up by another win last night against Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals has me feeling a little better about the team.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly planning the parade route. But if we could string together a semi-decent second half to the season, would it be too much to hope for at least a shot at the playoffs?

A few weeks ago, I was resigned to the fact that we would be basement-dwellers for the rest of the season, but that the up-side would be having a shot at a guy like John Tavares in the draft, after being dazzled by him in the WJC, right here in Ottawa. I started dreaming of him in a Sens jersey and the glory days that might follow.

Who knows, maybe we'll still get a shot at him. Despite a few wins, I'd hardly say this team has become a bunch of world-beaters. They're just struggling to get by, to score some goals, to regain some respectability.

They're off now for a week - while Dany Heatley heads off to Montreal for the All-Star Joke, the rest will spend time with their famillies or jet off to vacation destinations that have more sun and a HELL of a lot less snow than we have here in O-Town.

At least they've entered the break on a high note, with this recent run of slightly-better games and the memory of stealing a win from Ovechkin fresh in their minds. Maybe, once they're back in action after the break, we can really put that dismal first-half of the season officially behind us and continue with this momentum.

I've got my fingers crossed!!


Sharon said...

Great blog jill. Didn't see last nights game but I did see the OT loss to MTL. They're attempting to play their hearts out and they're getting there!

The flurries are flying once again here... lol

Enjoy the snow!

Jill said...

Lolly -
Not sure if you're out there reading today (probably not, 'cause it's an old Blog!) but I wanted to let you know that Karate has been CANCELLED for tonight! Denis sent an email and asked us to spread the word. I'll also call and leave a message for you at home in case you don't get this one.