Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Apologies, PIGOTT Brothers!

I felt fairly stupid when I sat down to watch Canadian Idol last night, and very early on, Ben Mulroney made reference to the Pigott brothers. After I spent all of yesterday's blog gushing about the "Spigott" brothers, I couldn't believe I had made such a silly error. The truly funny part is that I actually thought I had researched yesterday's Blog - I went to the CI website ( to make sure I got names right, etc. Apparantly between their site and my blog, "Pigott" became "Spigott". (I also spelled "Tetiana" wrong - but that's a tricky one to remember. Why can't people just name their kids easier things to spell? Like "Mookie". I didn't have any trouble with "Mookie".)

Anyways, when you think about it, I should have known that "Spigott" was wrong. I mean, try to say "Sebastien Spigott" five times fast. No parent would ever inflict that on their child.

Well, at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter if their last name is Pigott or Spigott or Presley, 'cause both boys were put through to the next round. At the start of the night, we were told that the judges' task was to whittle down the remaining contestants to the Top 22. By the time the show was winding down, 18 people had been selected already, and 11 of them were males, and neither Oliver nor Sebastien had yet to present themselves for the verdict on their fate in the competition.

I thought they were a shoe-in, but I admit, I was a little nervous. But I had an inkling that maybe they were going to let in more than 22 people, or that they were going to load up on guys, and go with less girls.

Sure enough, both of the Pigotts went through, and then a couple more. That left two final people to go before the judges, fully believing they were going to be cut because there were no spots left. But ta-da! This year it's 24. Welcome, kiddies!!

The other moment on the night worth mentioning was the heart-wrenching performance by Omar. At his first audition, Jake told him he needed to emotionally connect with his songs. So Omar told the judges before his final performance that he was going to sing a song that he had never heard before that had him in tears for an hour during his practice. He then proceeded to explain to them that in December, an attempt was made on the life of his younger brother, and he succumbed the day before his 25th birthday. At this point, the tears were already flowing, so when he started to sing "Break it to Them Gently" - well, just bust out the Kleenex, folks, it was a bawl fest.

Omar made it to the Top 24 also.

I really like the group they selected this year. They all seem mature, professional, and prepared. Can't wait to see how my Pigotts do!!


Anonymous said...

OK - so I haven't watched Canadian Idol - I don't think I ever watched it, I can watch American Idol but I just don't think that Canada has much talent, might have to tune in to see if the Pigott boys are any good. Do you know if David Cook has a CD or anything out yet? I heard somewhere that David Aguilera or whatever his name was, the second place winner, i heard that he has a record deal with the same people as David Cook...we'll see!


Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

It may be more idol talk, but at least it's something to read when I'm restless at work.

I'm hoping ball isn't cancelled tonight. Looks like we may just be dealing with an overcast situation. Thank goodness!

Jill said...

I was kind of hoping for ball to be cancelled - not in a ball mood today! Oh well - guess we'll have to see!
Stace - gotta disagree about Canada not having much talent. I'm always surprised at how good some of the contestants are every year, and sometimes I think a lot of them are even better than the people on AI (can't comment this year though, I didn't watch AI this season) - and it usually surprises me that a lot of them haven't already been "discovered". This year's group have already impressed me. Should be a good season - and it's summer time, so there's nothing else to watch.

Sharon said...

You got your wish.

That's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

I think I only watched the first season of Canadian Idol and I never really tuned into it again - I'll watch it now and then...but so true, I hate not having any shows on during the One Tree Hill coming back? I think so eh - I think I told you I read it somewhere!


Jill said...

I did get my wish. I rented Good Luck Chuck & had fun with Dane Cook. It was a wonderful evening!

Summer sucks for TV - but I love Big Brother, so once that starts, I'll have my plate full again. You did tell me One Tree Hill was coming back - haven't researched it myself, I hope it's coming back!! Gotta find out who Lucas called! LOL

Anonymous said...

oh yes - thats how it ended...
well i'm on a mission to find some more Sharon, Lois and Bram movies -maddy and I watched the one i got at the family centre lastnight up in bed and she sat there and watched the whole thing pretty near...and i can never get her to watch tv - omg i laughed though - i loved that show but it is sooo corny - bram wore YELLOW PANTS...can you imagine? LOL

Jill said...

I'm definitely going to have to borrow that movie & watch it. I miss the Elephant Show! They don't make kids TV like they used to...Those were the good ol' days! haha!

Anonymous said...
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