Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Frustration Setting in BIG TIME

I know my faithful readers are out there waiting for a Blog, but I only have one thing to say:


Hmm. That's funny. I don't feel better at all.

The Sens are sucking at the worst time possible, and now we might not even make the playoffs. I'm feeling very doom-and-gloomy today. I know we still have two games left, and all we need are a win & a tie, and we're golden (well...if you can call scrambling to make the playoffs now "golden"...) - but I'm having a hard time getting my hopes up high. We haven't even scored a stinkin' goal in the past 2 games. The last time that happened, John Paddock got fired. Somewhere, he's probably got a smirk on his face.

Our final two opponents are Toronto on Thursday night and Boston on Friday night. At one time, I probably would've said that they'd be easy wins, but not with this Sens team that has been showing up lately. We've lost to both TO and Beantown recently, and I wouldn't count either of them as guarantees.

I'm still waiting for the Sens to come out looking hungry, desperate, and determined. Last night, they played well, but not good enough. Gerber sucks, and nobody trusts Emery. Everything is just going wrong, wrong, wrong...

Let me try it again:


Nope. Didn't work that time either.


Sharon said...

Jill... it will be alright... sure maybe they won't make the playoffs this year... but there's always next year. They can go blow off steam on the golf course and in their million dollar mansions and cars... they will be back in full form in the new season.

AND we have ball to keep our minds off them sucking for the whole summer!

Kathleen said...

I don't think its not just not making the playoffs its the fact that this will be the biggest collapse in the history of the NHL if the Sens don't make it. Its one thing to suck, its another thing to suck in historic proportions. Somewhere John Muckler is smiling a little bit.
Olé olé olé

Jill said...

Thanks. Very comforting, Kathleen.

Kathleen said...

Its true, I endured many many many, too many years of SUCK with the Habs but they were a mediocre, untalented team who couldn't make the playoffs. The Sens are a powerhouse on paper everywhere except for goal.
I would blame Murray. If he wants to keep making bad moves I hope Gainey somehow gets Volchenkov from him this summer, that guy is so solid.

Kathleen said...

Jill I think you can agree with me on one thing, Murray should have NEVER EVER let it leak that he tried to trade Wade. That only added to the internal problems on the team and Wade did not deserve it.

Jill said...

Yep. I can definitely agree with that. It sometimes amazes me how well Wade handled it all; if I were him, I'd have been raising some hell.

Who knows what's going on inside that dressing room; who knows what the real reason is behind the collapse.

All I know is we need 1 more point, and tonight is our last chance to get it. And without Fisher & Alfie, that task just got a whole lot more difficult.

Here's hoping they can rally around what happened last night & get the job done.


Kathleen said...

yeah to me Murray comes off as a big incompetent. Everything he's done has been a mistake. I know he's a local hero in your parts but from my view he's undoing the Sens.
I think the biggest problem in the dressing room has been the Emery situation, and that has probably divided a lot of players. I think all dressing rooms have problems that are just ready to explode. Look at the Habs, they had huge problems last year even with Ribeiro and Theo gone. So Gainey got rid of Rivet and Souray and had a talk with Kovalev and its all good now. I think its over for them this year but it can be mended next year.
One more point, it still seems inconceivable that the Sens are clinching on the last day of the year. And the Habs are in what a year. At least the Leafs are as sucky as ever, thats the only normal thing.